blue times two




I’m having difficulty forming coherent sentences this evening, as we’re on day two of Mother’s Day flowerpalooza and Chad and I just got home. So here are a few random thoughts for today:

1. When standing in your closet completely clueless about what to put together, if you pull items that are different shades of the same color, you’ll probably come out coordinated enough to keep people from thinking you dressed yourself in the dark.

2. I need more hats this summer.

3. I just found out about the Sam & Libby and Target collabo, and I want these sandals in every color because they look exactly like the Sam Edelman Gigi Thongs that sell for $65. Oh, and these snakeskin and turquoise loafers, too, please and thank you.

What Do You Think?

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  1. fiammisday wrote:

    Love your style…so cool!! I’m following you from Italy!!! A big big kiss

    Posted 5.15.13 Reply
  2. biswaksen wrote:

    you look gr8,the outfit’s awesome!!!!!!
    you are so gorgeous!!!!are you like 18 or what???
    keep up with your fab fashion sense,love it totally!!!

    Posted 5.13.13 Reply
  3. suezanne wrote:

    that was meant to say wine LOL see it has kicked in:)

    Posted 5.11.13 Reply
  4. varellano wrote:

    Just stopped by Target last night and snapped up two pairs of those sandals!

    Posted 5.10.13 Reply
    • suezanne wrote:

      Told my friend about the saddles. She lives In Seattle. She went to forever 21 today and they have the same ones for WAIT FOR IT as keira would say $8 bucks. She sent me pic way cute. I really need to get out and get a pair. k think the wind has kicked in. Good night:)

      Posted 5.11.13 Reply
      • $8?! You know that is right up my alley! I caved and bought a pair at Target last night. The leopard ones :-)

        Posted 5.14.13 Reply
    • Oooo, which ones did you pick? I made a little trip to Tar-jhay and got the leopard and black pair!

      Posted 5.14.13 Reply
      • varellano wrote:

        I got the “bone” pair–pearly colored snake skin and rose gold metallic. I’ve already worn them with everything.

        Posted 6.7.13 Reply
  5. Love it! Will you please stop by my blog? Would love your feedback?

    Posted 5.9.13 Reply
  6. Target always produces the best collabs! Super cute Sam & Libbys, and at $25, why not get three? Especially when you can wear all three all summer! :)

    -Rochelle <3(

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  7. Becca wrote:

    I love your hat :) I agree with your #2!

    x B

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  8. Cute versatile outfit! :) 💖

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  9. The classic braid+ hat and blue tones looks fabulous!

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  10. suezanne wrote:

    OMG!!! So I was doing my own reasoning. Would love three but will settle for two:) That is my reasoning:) The price is a STEAL!!! Sam and Libby takes me back to high school:0 ) OUCH!! Thanks for the passing on the info.

    Posted 5.7.13 Reply
  11. This outfit is great :) stay strong! I was seriously hankering after your prom corsages when you posted all of those gorgeous pictures!

    Posted 5.7.13 Reply