peachy pleats and topsy tails


IMG_9485 IMG_9487

1992 called, and it wants its pony back! This was my mom’s go-to hairstyle for me in elementary school, followed closely by the french braid. Of the two, this is the only one I can recreate on my own as a grown-up. Somehow my french braid always comes out crooked and weirdly… inside-out?

Check out Gal Meets Glam’s twisted ponytail post for simple instructions to recreate the throw-back yourself; no informercial “fashion hair tools” required.

LC Lauren Conrad polka dot pleated dress (Kohl’s sale, several seasons ago); Elle denim jacket (Kohl’s), Romeo & Juliet Couture handbag (Hautelook); Target sandals 

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  1. 9.9.13

    hermes リボン

  2. 5.28.13

    That’s so adorable! And I think everyone else here agrees(:

  3. 5.26.13
    Linda said:

    The topsy tail! My friends and I used to wear our hair like that for soccer games and tennis meets. Isn’t it funny how the hairstyles from our childhood are slowly coming back? I see kids at school with side ponytails and scrunchies though I’m not embracing those styles myself. Hehe.

    • 5.28.13

      Haha, scrunchies are one trend I am not revisiting!! They conjure memories of noxema and neon leggings.

  4. 5.24.13
    Larabaer said:

    Aww! Just beautiful :)
    Please visit my blog:

  5. 5.24.13
    Melissa said:

    Your outfit is very pretty!

  6. 5.23.13

    LOVE your dress! Very cute:)

  7. 5.22.13

    You are so cute, as usual! Stop by to see how I wore my college graduation dress 5 years later :)

  8. 5.22.13

    You are adorable! I love the throw back to the topsy tail ;)

  9. 5.22.13
    Rachel said:

    An absolutely GORGEOUS pony! Love it, you look so chic!

  10. 5.22.13
    Megan said:

    I remember doing my hair like that! It may be an older style, but I think it looks gorgeous with your long locks :) Very classic. And I want your dress!

  11. 5.22.13

    Cute hair style. You pull of the pony tail in a way I could never do OTL
    Absolute adore.

  12. 5.22.13

    I like the simple yet fresh look! ^__^

  13. 5.21.13

    Ahhhh topsy tails!!! How I miss the days!

  14. 5.21.13
    Brynn said:

    Hahah, I totally did that all the time when I was little! I loved that it looked fancy but was really simple. I would do my American Girl Doll’s hair like that, too! :)

  15. 5.21.13
    Pam said:

    I love you topsy tail !!! Bring back 1992 !!

  16. 5.21.13

    No worries. :) I still wear my hair in that same pony too (when it’s grown out).

  17. 5.21.13

    Love it! So simple but so cute! I used to love the topsy tail when I was younger! Memories :)

  18. 5.21.13
    Amber said:

    An inside-out french braid is a cornrow! Love the peach dress and throw-back hair :)

  19. 5.21.13
    kelsey said:

    gorgeous outfit!
    kw ladies in navy

  20. 5.21.13

    Love this dress very pretty. I love this hair style I often have my hair like this it’s simple to do and look really cute.

  21. 5.21.13

    I love your dress! I heart Kohl’s and make as many cross-border trips (from Canada) as possible each year. I’m wearing a very similar outfit to yours today, but with leggings under my dress since the length is questionable for work. Mine is a combo of Target, Old Navy, and Loft with a Kate Spade bag:)

  22. 5.21.13
    cjgal said:

    I remember I had a generic one called pony flip that came with an instructional video. I was obsessed!

    • 5.21.13

      There just aren’t enough products that come with instructional videos these days, ya know? ;-)

  23. 5.21.13

    I used to rock that hair style, it used to be my “princess hair” and I’d only take it to parties or holidays! You totally brought me back to 96. That dress is lovely!

    • 5.21.13

      Ha, yes! Princess hair. I’m pretty sure it was Belle’s go-to coif in Beauty and the Beast. I love that you saved it for special occasions :)

  24. 5.21.13

    OMG!! I totally remember the topsy tail tool…haha! Love it!

  25. 5.21.13

    Super cute! I used to do my hair like that all the time :)

  26. 5.21.13

    that’s the cutest pony ever awh!:)x

  27. 5.21.13

    simply fabulous!
    I follow you