video how-to: scarf wrapped side ponytail

One of my goals for 2013 was to add more videos to the blog. Nearly six months into the “new year,” I’m finally posting my first one! Better late than never?

I filmed a how-to for this scarf-wrapped ponytail weeks ago, after a few of you requested a tutorial. Then I forgot about it. The clips sat untouched in iMovie for nearly a month before I stumbled across them, and pulled it all together to [finally] share it!

Have requests or ideas for other how-to videos? Please share them in the comments! {And have mercy, I’m still new to this “vlogging” business.}

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  1. 5.24.13
    Caz said:

    So cute! I’m totally trying it out this weekend! I’m so lazy with my hair and never do anything interesting with it.. This will be fun to jazz it up a little…

  2. 5.23.13
    Linda Z said:

    Cute idea, Keira. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  3. 5.22.13
    candy777 said: