happy medium

Duro Ulowu for jcpenney skirt (found in-store for 50% off!) | LOFT tee | Nine West sandals | Romeo & Juliet Couture tote via Hautelook | Tom Ford sunglasses

In my fashion fantasies, I have a closet full of delicate floral dresses and swishy skirts — a well-curated assortment of current designers and priceless vintage, dontcha’ know — and I sashay around my flower shop in them every day with Louboutins and pearls.

In real life, flower shops are messy and hard on clothes; and most days I can barely pull off a low wedge, much less sky-high stilettos.

A bold floral skirt paired with a t-shirt is how I compromise.

18 thoughts on “happy medium

  1. I think you look perfect Keira! I sympathize with you on having a job that’s rough on clothes and we might have the same sandals. Do yours have a chunky wood heel?


  2. I adore this outfit, Keira! I love wearing a plain tee with a pretty skirt and neutral shoes. It’s one of my go-to outfits :)



  3. This is like my fantasy of being a stay at home mom. I make delicious baked goods while looking hot, and the house is fresh and flawless. Cue to me in my tank and shorts on the floor with the baby trying to tweet while having a cup of coffee.


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