casual friday


You know I don’t have big plans for a productive day when I show up to work in a minidress and flip flops. Ain’t no work happenin’ in this get-up. C and I are so looking forward to this long weekend; we woke up this morning and immediately began negotiations on how early we’d close the shop this afternoon.


Since it’s almost noon and we haven’t taken any orders yet, my odds of lounging poolside with a cocktail and a book by 3:00 are looking pretty good.

Alfani dress (Macy’s clearance many seasons ago); Elle Denim jacket; TKEES Foundations flip flops via Shopbop; Romeo & Juliet Couture handbag via Hautelook


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  1. 6.4.13

    Very nice! I love the bag.

  2. 5.30.13

    lovely casual combination, the denim jacket is cute.

  3. 5.29.13
    annie said:

    That dress is too cute on you! Hope you enjoyed lounging pool side :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. 5.29.13
    jhuddie said:

    Reblogged this on Jhuddie's Blog.

  5. 5.28.13

    You look lovely…i really like your updo, it’s looks super chic :)

  6. 5.27.13

    Love the sunglasses! Where did you get them from?

    • 5.28.13

      Thank you! They’re Tom Ford, and were a gift from Rue La La. You can sign up with them and get notifications of designer sales, and score great things at big discounts :)

  7. 5.27.13
    arayofsun said:

    I NEED a jean jacket desperately. I want to steal this outfit!

    • 5.28.13

      Mega, I’ve been living in my jean jacket for weeks. It’s the perfect layer for the transitional weather and goes with everything. I found thi one at Kohl’s, but my favorites are the Gap classics. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a summer sale on them. If I find a good deal, I will let you know!

      • 5.28.13
        arayofsun said:

        Oh my goodness that would be lovely! My outfit post today could have used a jean jacket! Check it out xoxo

  8. 5.27.13
    Becca said:

    Such a cute look! A mini dress and a denim jacket is my go-to outfit these days. Thanks for sharing!

    x B

  9. 5.26.13

    Love the look! Where are your sunnies from? I need them! Lol

    • 5.28.13

      Hi Crystal! Thank you! They’re Tom Ford via Rue La La!

      • 6.11.13

        Thanks, love! I will have to buy yet another pair of sunnies now. Hubby will be thrilled! Lol. He doesn’t understand why I need 5-10 different pairs of shades. Can’t help it, they’re like shoes and purses – can neve me have enough! ;)

  10. 5.25.13
    huiljames said:

    Love your hair too!

  11. 5.25.13

    I love this casual yet trendy look!! You always look super happy in your pictures, and it always brightens my day a little. Thanks for sharing!

    Sunny with a side of…

    • 5.28.13

      That is so sweet of you to share! Thank you for brightening my day, and for reading!!

  12. 5.24.13

    So cute!!

  13. 5.24.13
    Shin said:

    Love this look!!! Gorgeous smile on your last pic!!

  14. 5.24.13
    Kristen said:

    I love your outfit! The denim jacket is becoming a new summer staple!

  15. 5.24.13

    Another great look! How do you keep your hair in that perfect bun? Mine is always hopelessly lopsided and haggard looking. :))

  16. 5.24.13

    Ooooh Penny you’re so gorgeus! compliments for the outfit, is perfect! i really like it!

  17. 5.24.13

    What an awesome look! Where are those shades from? Diviiiine

  18. 5.24.13

    You look beautiful! Love this outfit!

  19. 5.24.13
    kelsey said:

    what a pretty dress!
    kw, ladies in navy
    jewelry giveaway!

  20. 5.24.13

    You know, regarding your dress: I noticed that I absolutely love digging through my closet and finding pieces that are still in style, but no one has anything similar, ’cause people buy-wear-throw away. Sometimes it s worth to have a long-term relationship with your clothes :)

  21. 5.24.13
    minchyb86 said:

    Beautiful combination. I like this. :)

  22. 5.24.13

    A fantastic look!
    I follow you. Kisses