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  1. 10.7.13

    Love this colourful dress/ black ribbon rimmed hat combo! I think that particular shade of orange works great for autumn especially in the shift dress style you have. need to find myself one for winter 2013!

  2. 6.23.13
    valetanto said:

    jolie ^^

  3. 6.10.13

    I love this post! I have been faithfully following your blog since February 2012 and I love it… check mine out (warmapplestyle.wordpress.com)

  4. 6.10.13


  5. 6.10.13
    bnbuzz said:

    So cute! You look nice!

  6. 6.9.13

    Love it

  7. 6.8.13

    Love that colour on you (and nothing wrong with a good pun!). I’m jealous that it’s warm enough to wear just a shift dress where you are. England has fiiiiinally decided it’s summer, but it’s still ‘cotton cardigan and maybe a jacket against the cool breeze’ weather.

  8. 6.8.13

    Love that color!!!

  9. 6.8.13

    you’re freaking glowing! so radiant. love it! (and jealous!) xox.

  10. 6.7.13

    In love with your dress! The colour looks amazing on you.

  11. 6.7.13

    You looked very beautiful in all pics!!

  12. 6.7.13
    varellano said:

    Great color!

  13. 6.7.13

    “Orange You Glad It’s Friday” would have a been a great title! Love it!

  14. 6.7.13
    yiyime said:

    also love the Starbucks …looks like white chocolate moccha frap…delicious …lol
    nice pic

  15. 6.7.13

    Such a cute dress! Obsessed with the color!

  16. 6.7.13

    Wow! It’s a great picture, so colorful it feels good, because here in Montreal, it’s cold and rainy!
    Thanks for the sunny picture!

  17. 6.7.13

    Love your dress! Also, “Orange You Glad It’s Friday” would’ve made an awesome title!

    • 6.7.13
      farrah ka said:

      Yeah I was just wondering why didn’t she use it as a title
      I adore the dress

  18. 6.7.13

    Love the color! You definitely look like you’re ready for summer :)

  19. 6.7.13

    Love that shift dress!

  20. 6.7.13
    farrah ka said:

    Extremely cutee