tied up in knots


Some Doodle has an appointment at the salon tomorrow. We always like to snap a photo or two of him in all his shaggy glory for posterity before the annual summer shave-down. Come Wednesday, he’ll look like a new man.



I’ve been on the fence about this tied shirt business for a while, but now I’m kind of almost on board. Especially in this heat; It’s nice to skip the bulky sweaty tuck-in. I won’t be baring any 9 to 5 midriff any time soon, though.


Speaking of haircuts, I have an appointment this Thursday afternoon and I’m thinking it’s time for a chop-chop. Maybe the heat is getting to me, but the idea of getting through the summer with these long locks is giving me agita…



Sonoma chambray camp shirt; LC Lauren Conrad pleated skirt; TKEES Foundations flip flops


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25 thoughts on “tied up in knots

  1. I just fell in love with your goldendoodle! I am getting one this summer and cannot wait! We should follow eachother – and maybe to a goldendoodle themed post in the future!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your pup is so cute! It’s so funny how a haircut on a dog changes their look so much! I’ve also been contemplating chopping my hair too! You look cute either way!

  3. Love the look and the doggie! I’ve been considering chopping off my locks as well. I also live in FL and with all the humidity the heat brings, it’s impossible to keep it frizz-less and polished all the time, unless I put it in a ponytail, braid or bun…I’m always amazed at how good your hair always looks, though. Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll look great :D

  4. Oh your dog is such a photogenic thing! How cute are these pics?! Love the tied up style – casual, yet trendy. It is such a great way to add a feature to an outfit, rather than just tucking in! You look fabulous, very jealous of the sunshine! x x

  5. I LOVE the tied shirt look – especially with a light chambray shirt. I (randomly, or luckily depending on how you look at it) found one on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. I know this is weird but it was just lying there and seemed to be good quality so I picked it up and washed it and now wear it over all of my long maxi dresses tied in the front like you! Call it stealing, call it stumbling, either way I think it was a sign from the fashion gods!

  6. Used to have a big long haired retriever I took to get clipped this time every year. It was an ordeal because he was a head case about being left anywhere. He looked like a different dog after the cut and i’m sure he felt better.
    I spent one summer on the coast just north of Jax. Couldn’t take the heat. It’s bad enough here in Indiana:)

    1. Going to the groomer is definitely high on the list of things Doak hates; my husband almost has to carry him inside sometimes. But he always feels so much better with a fresh haircut!

      Believe it or not, North Florida is considerably cooler than where we live in the middle of the state. Tack on about 10 degrees and remove all those nice coastal breezes, and you have Central Florida weather. It’s HAWT.

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