manic{ure} monday: 9 cute summer mani ideas to start your week

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I could spend hours browsing through nail art on Pinterest. In fact, this afternoon, I did. {Don’t tell my boss.} This summer, I’m loving bright nails with clean designs; like a natural base with a bold tip, geometric pastels, nudes paired with neon, and simple all-white manis.

My kit is stocked, and my nails are in desperate need of some TLC. Now the only question is, which one should I try first?

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  2. Megan wrote:

    Ugh! I love pretty nail designs, especially these, but I have such a hard time growing out my nails. Any advice?

    Posted 7.7.13 Reply
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    Score one for me. tehe.

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  4. Love these nail designs. I spend hours on pintrest looking at nail art too

    Posted 6.25.13 Reply
  5. The first and the last one are my favorites! Sooo gorgeous! I definitely want to try these!

    Check out my blog!


    Posted 6.25.13 Reply
  6. valetanto wrote:

    wow <3

    Posted 6.23.13 Reply
  7. I love your blog, and these summertime perfect nail polish suggestions are great! I just did something similar with my manicure using some really fun shades of green. Check out my post!

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    iliketomakethenail.aswell …

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    If you’re like me and get bored easily with your nail color (or maybe change it depending on your mood…sort of like a mood ring), here are some great ideas for what to do next!

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    Can I work for you?? :) Seriously interested!

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    I must say, 5 has my heart.

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  13. You can’t go wrong with an all white mani. It’ll be the perfect way to kick off Summer.


    Posted 6.18.13 Reply
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    so adorable!

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  15. I’m addicted to nail art on Pinterest too!

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  17. tanicr wrote:

    love love love! :)

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  18. wow ah-mazing nail art :)

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  19. Loving that polka dot manicure!!

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  20. jsypeck wrote:

    super cool!!

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  22. Ooo so many good ones here! I really like the polka dots! Gotta try that next week!

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  23. Lucy wrote:

    Really nice nails! I’m following now! :D Lucy

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  24. Lovely! I especially like the aqua polka dot one :-)

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  25. Gorgeous! We’re with you — sometimes simpler is better, especially when it comes to nails. Loving the bold + neutral color combos.

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  26. They are all so amazing. The green polka dots and pink glitter are my favourite though.

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  27. floradee wrote:

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  28. Love all of these nail designs! Definitely gonna try these for my holiday coming up soon! Thank you :) x

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  29. Kate T. wrote:

    Wait- that is the best title ever for this post! I love all these manicures!

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
  30. holy shit *-* sooo beautiful <3

    Posted 6.17.13 Reply
    • I love your blog. And not to sound pushy but can you please follow me I just started blogging and I have no followers.

      Posted 6.18.13 Reply