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Viva Vena Vena Cava Quickstop Shirt Dress


I loved reading through your comments on yesterday’s post! It looks like a lot of us are in some kind of major life transition, and we’re redefining our style in the process. We’ll figure it out together!

Lately, I’m drawn to really simple outfits without a lot of extra “flair.” Dresses like this are perfect, because the statement print does all the work without needing a lot of accessories. You can keep it really easy in the summer with flats, pair it with a chunky knit and boots in the fall, and wear it with a blazer and pumps to the office all year long.

Any newcomers in my closet are going to have to be quality multi-taskers! I’m feeling more grown-up already.


Viva Vena! by Vena Cava Quickstop shirt dress | TKEES foundations flip flops | Andrea Jovine sunglasses |Romeo & Juliet Couture bag via Hautelook

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  1. 7.29.13

    Love the handbag!

  2. 7.29.13
    Delabelle's Fashion and said:

    Love the print on this dress!

  3. 7.27.13
    giuliss said:

    I love your dress ♥

  4. 7.26.13

    What a pretty dress!

    Nanna Freving

  5. 7.25.13
    canberly said:

    I love the print on this dress! Super cute for summer.

  6. 7.25.13

    i agree with you, this dress doesn’t need more!

    easy and fashionable = summer staple!

  7. 7.25.13

    I love this outfit. I’m a fashion blogger Follow meeee !!!

  8. 7.25.13
    kanebeatz said:

    Reblogged this on Beatz kane Blog.

  9. 7.25.13
    valetanto said:

    I love the dress, the print and the colors that you have chosen, but I’m not sure on the shoes. But in general I like your style and your smile. ^^

    • 7.25.13

      Admittedly, I’ve been wearing these leather TKEES way too much these days. But I work in a flower shop all day, so practicality and comfort are always a top priority in footwear :-)

      • 7.25.13
        valetanto said:

        You’re right, me too I prefer the most possible comfortable shoes, not only for work ;)

  10. 7.25.13

    Wow so pretty… I’m loving prints these days… I can’t stop myself from buying print tops and dresses :)

  11. 7.25.13

    This dress is so right for summer, especially where I live, where humidity is 65 to 75% it is almost impossible to wear fussy clothes. Sara

  12. 7.24.13

    super cute dress!

  13. 7.24.13
    rhiannon said:

    what a great print! you look amazing.

  14. 7.24.13

    Reblogged this on Amanda's Words / starfire8me and commented:
    Yes, I think we are!

  15. 7.24.13

    Lovely! That watch is great! And you are rockin that summer hairstyle!

  16. 7.24.13

    That dress is lovely!!!!

  17. 7.24.13
    rosie154 said:

    Great print and such a versatile dress! Great value for money there.

  18. 7.24.13

    Awesome print !

  19. 7.24.13

    I love your style!

  20. 7.24.13

    really love your dress!