so long, july…






Dear Seventh Month of 2013,

I’ve never been happier to bid someone adieu. You put our little flower shop through the wringer, tested the limits of our patience, faith and business checking, and gave me a whole lotta’ heartburn. On the plus side, I think we set a new personal record of clearing unexpected hurdles in the last 30 days; an achievement I’m in no hurry to reattempt.

August, I have high hopes for you. Don’t let me down. 

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  1. 8.3.13
    Danielle Bentley said:

    Beautiful flower arrangements! I hope August is a better month for you!
    Danielle xo

  2. 8.3.13
    Chiara said:

    Beautiful flower arrangements. July was indeed a long long month. Can’t wait for vacation!

  3. 8.1.13

    Sorry for your difficult month, but the arrangements up there are beautiful!!!!

  4. 8.1.13
    jen said:

    Stunning arrangements! July seemed to be a challenge for a lot of us! Here’s hoping August is better! :)

  5. 7.31.13
    J. Parker said:

    Jeez, July definitely put me through the wringer too – Maybe it was some sort of epidemic! Fingers crossed it’s all out of our systems now and August will be smoooooth sailing! :)

  6. 7.31.13

    Beautiful arrangement!

    July definitely tested my patience, too. I also have high hopes for August.

    Best of luck.