every girl needs: a chambray t-shirt

chambray tshirt

geometric skirt

Hive & Honey Chambray T-Shirt (on sale at Piperlime!) | Ann Taylor skirt (similar) | Romeo & Juliet Couture bag via Hautelook | Nine West sandals | Daniel Wellington watch

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m working on upgrading my closet for the grand finale of my 20’s. This means avoiding the temptation of clearance racks and bargain bins, and purchasing quality pieces that I’ll love for several years instead of several weeks. This doesn’t mean spending more money, necessarily; but rather, buying a few great pieces within my budget that I can wear lots of ways. With me?

A chambray t-shirt is something I never realized I was missing, until I ordered one from Piperlime. Since its arrival last Wednesday, I’ve worn it three different ways: with skinnies and strappy heels for the Art Walk last week, tucked into pleather shorts over the weekend, and balanced with a crazy printed skirt today.

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  1. 10.17.13

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  2. 9.13.13

    That skirt is gorgeous! I love the pattern and the colors!

  3. 8.20.13

    This is such a great blog! :) I love your tee shirt.


  4. 8.12.13

    Oh yes, agreed.

  5. 8.11.13

    Lovely writing…a joy to read :)



  6. 8.8.13
    Lucy said:

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  7. 8.8.13
    canberly said:

    It seems like this can be mixed with anything!

    • 8.8.13

      It really can! It’s a simple silhouette, but it zips up the back which makes it kind of fun. It’s probably one of my favorite purchases in the last several months.

  8. 8.7.13

    Nice skirt

  9. 8.6.13

    Nice sunglasses and nice shoes.

  10. 8.6.13

    I’ve been seeing so many cute things recently and after having a baby, I really have an itch to go shopping to get some new stuff that fits! I am like you…looking for classic pieces that I can wear with many things!

    • 8.8.13

      Congrats on new mommyhood!

      I know it’s really tough to avoid the trend temptation, but I definitely recommend sticking to a plan of timeless investments. You’ll be so much happier with your wardrobe in the long run. It’s the whole “instant gratification vs long term satisfaction” conundrum. I feel like I’m just figuring it out. ;-)

      • 8.8.13

        I couldn’t agree more! I love that I still have some pieces from high school that are timeless.

  11. 8.6.13
    Heidi said:

    Seriously, could you GET any cuter? You’re so creative with your ideas to pair items with. I love it!

  12. 8.6.13
    Lynaea said:

    Yes, I think chambray is classic enough to keep with you as you cross your 20’s threshold. Love how playful your outfit is. And I do love chambray.

    • 8.8.13

      Thank you! Right now I’m all about finding pieces that are classic with interesting details. Like this chambray in a different shape, and it zips up the back!

  13. 8.6.13
    Joanna said:

    looks like a very comfy outfit! :)

  14. 8.6.13
    Sophie said:
  15. 8.6.13

    could not have imagined a chambray could look so much lively with such a fun skirt.. nice idea

  16. 8.6.13

    Nice outfit ! I love our skirt !

  17. 8.6.13

    i agree :) it goes with everything :)

  18. 8.6.13
    venus said:


  19. 8.6.13
    functionallyfrivolous said:

    I’m coming up on 25 and I agree. It’s hard because who has money to spend but really good pieces can be the difference between teenager and sophisticated adult. Love the post!

    • 8.8.13

      In the past, I never really shopped with a plan; I just always that I needed NEW stuff. Now I’m working on saving up for investment pieces. Also, thrift stores and consignment shops are excellent places to find quality gently used items for a great price!

  20. 8.6.13

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  21. 8.5.13

    I just turned 32 last month and I too feel the same regarding the upgrade of my closet. I’m a new Haute Look addict and my style is classic / casual. Thanks for the great post!

    • 8.8.13

      Ohhhh man, isn’t Hautelook is the best?! It’s a great resource for splurge items, like designer denim and great handbags. And you really can’t beat their beauty blowouts.

  22. 8.5.13

    Love it! My button-down chambray shirt is the most versatile thing in my closet, so I can see how this would be PERFECT for summer. Looks great with the skirt.

    • 8.8.13

      I love pieces that are a fun spin on a classic! :-)

  23. 8.5.13

    loving the shirt! never seen one like that but i can’t resist chambray!

  24. 8.5.13

    Super cute! I love this look, I’ve never seen a chambray like this before.

  25. 8.5.13

    thats a really nice outfit! I love how simple and clean everything looks! but you made it your own with the skirt! it looks great!

    • 8.8.13

      Thanks, Lauren! I love this skirt, but I somehow buried it in the back of my closet. We’re reunited and it feels so good ;-)

  26. 8.5.13

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  27. 8.5.13
    rhiannon said:

    adorable! love the shirt!

  28. 8.5.13
    kimsehn said:

    Wow! That’s not what everyone thinks of when they hear chambray shirt! Super cute :)


  29. 8.5.13

    I need a chambray shirt. I like how you paired this one with the skirt :-)

  30. 8.5.13

    I totally agree on that sometime you really need to just invest in some solid quality pieces, rather than just the latest clearance items. In the long run, it’ll actually get more use and be more worth it.
    Love your skirt btw :) looks great with the chambray.

    • 8.8.13

      Exactly! I’m trying to build a wardrobe for the long haul, instead of running to the mall for something new every time I get bored or have an event to attend. It’s a work in progress, but I love all the great feedback that others are working on this as well!

  31. 8.5.13
    lemondropvintage said:

    Lovely! Great top know too… I am hair jealous.

    • 8.8.13

      Haha, thanks! I have an easy topknot secret. I’ll have to do a video and share it soon!

  32. 8.5.13

    Great outfit, I love that skirt!

  33. 8.5.13
    Linda said:

    YES! I have the same shirt (different brand on the tag). It is the best purchase I’ve made all summer. I usually wear mine with shorts but you’ve inspired me to try it with some of my skirts.

  34. 8.5.13

    Love this whole outfit!

  35. 8.5.13

    I haven’t seen a chambray like the one you’re wearing before. However, I love the way you took such a causal shirt and paired it with a bold printed skirt. Good luck finding some new wardrobe staples!

  36. 8.5.13

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  37. 8.5.13

    I’ve never seen a chambray like this one! It looks lovely! Especially with that skirt!!


  38. 8.5.13

    Normally when I think of chambray I think of button downs. But that is a really great, stylish piece! Happy shopping for your new wardrobe pieces :D