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  1. 8.30.13

    Reblogged this on Your Daily Fashion.

  2. 8.19.13

    You just owned Olivia! Love the look!

  3. 8.15.13
    Marinelle said:

    Olivia’s my idol! :D
    You deserve a follow for sure! :D

  4. 8.12.13

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  5. 8.12.13
    Kristina said:

    Such a cute outfit! I actually think I like it better than Olivia’s original!

  6. 8.11.13
    kershia05 said:

    This is so cute! :) Like X

  7. 8.11.13

    Reblogged this on stormbrown88 and commented:
    Loving the new trend for Summer #pleather

  8. 8.11.13

    Might have to dig mine out…
    Loving your blog..I have only just discovered it!

  9. 8.11.13
    goldieeee said:

    Love this look!


  10. 8.10.13

    This is a great outfit! I love Olivia Palermo’s style!

  11. 8.10.13
    kimsehn said:

    Love this post! I am about to go abroad and I am definitely going to invest in a pair of pleather shorts!



  12. 8.10.13
    Nish said:

    Nice. i like the way you use Pinterest for style inspiration.

  13. 8.9.13

    Sorry Olivia, Keira wins this one! You look so fab, love how you took inspiration in Olivia and gave it your personal touch, the clutch makes it so glamorous!

  14. 8.9.13

    Love your take on this pin! Especially love the pleather shorts :D Looks great on you!


  15. 8.9.13

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  16. 8.9.13

    So classy! That clutch is such a nice piece!


  17. 8.9.13

    You nailed it- brava!

  18. 8.9.13
    Sophie said:

    I love your graphics and pictures! What do you use to make them? They always look fabulous!


    • 8.9.13

      Thank you! Sometimes I use Polyvore, but sometimes (including today) I use Photoshop.

  19. 8.9.13

    Looks great! I think I need a pair!

  20. 8.9.13

    Love it girl, can’t beat pleather shorts! you look great!

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