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  1. 9.23.13

    I love this look, very cute!

  2. 9.9.13

    such an adorable look! love the striped dress!

  3. 8.31.13

    soooo super cute! love the dress, the entire outfit.

  4. 8.31.13

    looking great dear :) I love the whole combination

    marija from http://www.allthingslady.wordpress.com

  5. 8.29.13

    Hello Girl
    Fantástico! Eu amei seu look, achei bem fresquinho, básico mas cheio de estilo. Ótimo para dar um passeio a tarde.
    Lôh Alves


  6. 8.28.13

    If I was to be completely honest, which I am going to be, I don’t usually relate to outfit of the day posts (not yours, just others I’ve seen), but goodness gracious lady, this is super cute! I love it. FOLLOWING because I have FINALLY found someone who’s style I can relate to!

    Surrounded by Pretty

  7. 8.28.13

    Hi lovie! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!
    Check out my post on the award for details and more info: http://stylishinsuburbia.com/2013/08/28/the-versatile-blogger-award-yay/
    xo, Kenzie

  8. 8.28.13
    bexymoore said:

    Love that dress / shirt

  9. 8.27.13

    The straw hat makes it perfect! So lovely :)

  10. 8.27.13


  11. 8.27.13

    soooo hübsch! ;)


  12. 8.27.13
    canberly said:

    What a perfect summer look. So easy breezy!


  13. 8.27.13
    rosie154 said:

    Cute outfit!

  14. 8.27.13
    rosario said:

    I stoled one of my boyfriends stripped dress shirt to wear as a dress after seeing how cute you look.

  15. 8.27.13

    This outfit looks so fun and comfortable to wear. Loving your smile too. Thx for posting.

  16. 8.26.13

    you.are.so.cute! :) love this simple, breezy outfit!

  17. 8.26.13

    i want to be roommates so i can borrow this every day. so cute & easy.

  18. 8.26.13
    Yes Missy said:

    Love this look! Perfect for summer :)

  19. 8.26.13

    Such a darling dress! Love your bag and hat! So cute! :)


  20. 8.26.13

    That’s a great look! Simple but still pretty!