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  1. Linda wrote:

    You always look cute in double denim! I clearly remember Brit and JT’s denim outfits– are we old? They might have ruined it for us, but you’re bringing it back to the good side. :o)

    Posted 9.6.13 Reply
  2. varellano wrote:

    We call that the “Texas Tuxedo” in the Lone Star State! :-) I’ve been too afraid to try a mixed denim look even though I have all the pieces and have been dying to try it. Thanks for the dose of courage!

    Posted 9.5.13 Reply
  3. This is such a simple style in that it looks effortless. It’s gorgeous – you’ve paired it beautifully!

    Posted 9.2.13 Reply
  4. kbrfashion wrote:

    I feel the same!

    Posted 9.2.13 Reply
  5. This outfit is totally cute! Followed your blog! I just started my own fashion site and would really appreciate if you checked it out! http://www.westcoasteastcoastpeople.com

    Posted 9.2.13 Reply
  6. Double denim looks great – def think you need to mix the shades!


    Posted 9.1.13 Reply
  7. I’m always to scared to do denim on denim I feel like it will look like too much but this looks good

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  8. everything about this outfit is adorable, too bad I feel like I can never pull denim on denim off!!

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  9. Love this look and that bag!!

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  10. Such a cool paor of jeans!
    I absolutely love your blog it’s so ,,real”! :)

    Have a look at my blog from Switzerland please, i’ live hearing your opinion about it..! :)


    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  11. myhartjie wrote:

    I cannot pull it off for the life of me, but that outfit does look really cute and comfy <3

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  12. I like denim on denim and I am in total agreement, haha makes me laugh even thinking about it. Justin and Brittany def looked a hot mess in their matching ensemble. JT has come a long way! Great post, love your style!

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  13. you’re right :)

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  14. Beautiful!!

    Posted 8.28.13 Reply
  15. Absolutely. I just did a post on double denim for work. It’s spot on. :)

    Posted 8.28.13 Reply
  16. Usually I’m not a fan of denim on denim, but this look really works for me! It’s styled to perfection!

    Posted 8.28.13 Reply
  17. Adorable! Great look. And if that’s the case, I don’t want to be right either. Love the sandals! :)

    Posted 8.28.13 Reply
  18. TB wrote:

    I think that’s a fav bag and I love me a good Canadian tux. However, I gotta disagree about the JT and Brit look. Epic 90s!

    Posted 8.28.13 Reply


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