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  1. 1.5.14

    I love your style!!!

  2. 9.26.13

    Love the outfit, love the yellow top =)

  3. 9.10.13

    Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, lol!!!!! Love the look and thanks for the laugh!

  4. 9.9.13

    love the yellow top, really lightens up the whole look!

  5. 9.8.13

    v. cute ensemble!

  6. 9.8.13

    The yellow is perfect!!
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  7. 9.5.13

    I know, these short weeks are awesome. I think I may get more work done in a short week than I do in a reg one sometimes!

  8. 9.5.13

    Yellow suits you and I am seriously in love with your bag.

  9. 9.5.13
    Girl on the Go said:

    Great look!

  10. 9.5.13

    That’s a great necklace. I would have thought it would clash with a yellow top, but it looks amazing

  11. 9.5.13

    You look so lovely here, Keira! Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but I tend to shy away from wearing it because I feel like it contrasts a bit too much with my skin. I love how you styled this bright color though and am definitely feeling inspired to find a few new yellow pieces to add to my wardrobe!


  12. 9.5.13
    mshmag said:

    Pretty nice!

  13. 9.5.13
    Shmoo said:

    Adore this look – the yellow is so fun and energetic!

    Lizzee xo


  14. 9.5.13
    Ad said:

    I love your jeans and bag!

  15. 9.5.13

    Reblogged this on hillness.style and commented:
    i love this outfit

  16. 9.5.13
    gabbiecbg said:

    beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 9.5.13
    gabbiecbg said:

    Reblogged this on Gabbie cbg.

  18. 9.5.13
    ginakiely said:

    Love that yellow!

  19. 9.4.13

    Such a great look! That yellow is definitely your color! Love it! :)


  20. 9.4.13
    Melissa said:

    You are so striking! Love your energy & your style.

  21. 9.4.13
    Lucy said:

    Super chic!

  22. 9.4.13
    carilau said:

    I like your style :)

  23. 9.4.13

    Love your outfit! I especially love the bag, too! =) I also quoted the Geico Hump day camel, hehe! Great minds think alike.

  24. 9.4.13

    I love your bag!

  25. 9.4.13

    Reblogged this on Esterina Genevieve and commented:
    I have everything but the blouse, including the bun, cute!

  26. 9.4.13

    I love your bag!

    xx The Expert Dremer

  27. 9.4.13
    Stephanie said:

    I think you are totally precious and I love this outfit…it makes me happy. Happy hump day!!

  28. 9.4.13

    I love how the outfit is so simple and casual yet still so refreshingly cut. You have a beautiful smile by the way :)

    <3 Naa


  29. 9.4.13

    I love that color yellow!