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If we’re Instagram friends, you may already know that I spent this evening peddling (free) roses at a downtown “date night” block party. The weather got a little crazy, and I may have screamed like a little girl and ran down the sidewalk to the safety of my favorite gift shop after a particularly treacherous lightening strike; but despite the downpour I ended the night empty-handed —  empty-bucketed? — and with lots of new friends. {People love you when you surprise them a lovely, sweet smelling rose just because.}   

I may have the best job ever.

Thanks to my friends Katie and Sharon for sharing these photos with me!  

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  1. 9.17.13

    An interesting experience that is not easily forgotten …

  2. 9.9.13

    It’s so sweet that you decided to give out free flowers! Flowers always make my whole day so much better, and I’m sure you brightened the day for so many different people (:


  3. 9.7.13

    Such a lovely flower shop!

  4. 9.6.13
    Linda said:

    This is such a sweet idea for your flower shop. Whenever we see people with flowers downtown, they’re trying to make us pay ridiculous amounts of money for them! I’m glad that you met new folks through a kind gesture (and that you survived a storm).

  5. 9.6.13
    Charm said:


  6. 9.6.13
    Ashley said:

    So fun! The flowers are gorgeous!!

  7. 9.6.13

    what a sweet gesture! Long stem roses are my fav!!

  8. 9.6.13

    Those flowers are gorgeous like you! :D


  9. 9.6.13

    what a lovely thing to do! :D