on buying in bulk


My mom has always been the type of shopper who finds something she loves and buys two in every color. For years I thought, “Why would I want ten of the same thing? Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz!”  But the older I get, the more I appreciate the idea of style stockpiling; especially when it comes to everyday basics.

This is just one of many ways I’m turning into my mother.

I haven’t stepped foot in a Forever 21 in years, but I heard through the grapevine that they have great tees. Since the stores overwhelm me and I’m not cool enough to wear 75% of the inventory, I decided to save myself the anxiety and gas money and ordered the favorite v-neck tee online. At $3.80 each, I treated myself to four colors — doubling up on white and ivory — and sized up for a little slouch.

They arrived last night, and at first glance I was impressed! I expected them to be sheer and flimsy (like the Hanes v-necks I pilfer from C’s underwear drawer) but they’re substantial and soft with just the right amount of stretch. I wore this one today, and it held its shape through nine hours of flower shop madness, officially making me a believer.

I’ll take ten, please and thank you.

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  1. 9.15.13

    you look so cute in that outfit! f21 tees dont look as great on me as they do on you!

  2. 9.14.13
    Tess said:

    3.80 each? That’s awesome! How can you beat it! I need to start stocking up on the daily essentials. It’s true you can never have too many and you’ll always need them! Cute outfit!

  3. 9.13.13
    Liz said:

    I’ve got to agree! I buy lots of the Forever 21 Longline (or Tunic) Camis. They’re amazing for layering because they’re just the right length. They also add a nice little pop of color. :)

    • 9.13.13

      Have you had good luck with the holding up after washing? That’s the only thing I’m a little weary about. If you tell me they can withstand several laundry cycles for less than $5 each I’m sold for life!

  4. 9.13.13

    I definitely buy basics in bulk – American Vintage T-shirts are the best in my opinion although, surprisingly H&M comes a close second, at a fraction of the price. I also bought my Zara leather jacket in two sizes – a smaller one to wear over thin dresses in the summer and nights out and a bigger one to wear over sweaters. It felt extravagant at the time but was so worth it. X

    • 9.13.13

      Thank you for sharing this! Where do you find the American Vintage tees?

      I LOVE the idea of leather jackets in two sizes for different styles and seasons. I’m sure by now your cost-per-wear totally justifies the splurge.

      • 9.14.13

        I’m in the UK and normally buy my American Vintage tees online from either The Dressing Room or Selfridges. The Jacksonville is the perfect slouchy style and they wash really well. The leather jacket was a really good buy, I especially love it with feminine dresses as it adds a bit of an edge. Have a fab weekend! X

  5. 9.13.13

    Forever 21 does have some nice basic tees! I also found that Target’s tees are pretty good too, and seem to last a little bit longer.

    End of summer is definitely time to stock up, too – I noticed a lot of places are putting their basic tees majorly on sale!

    • 9.13.13

      I’ve heard good things about Target tees, too. I think I’m going to take your advice and keep my eyes peeled for good sales!

      • 9.14.13

        I size up with Target tees too, to make sure they stay nice and slouchy after I wash them (they do shrink a little bit). :-)

  6. 9.13.13
    h said:

    i find forever 21 stuff falls apart after one wash. BUT i just discovered uniqlo, and they have some pretty great basic tees as well, for not much more – and they seem more durable.

    • 9.13.13

      Thanks for sharing, H! I was concerned about how well these would hold up. I’m thinking I’ll wash and air dry? I’m going to check out uniqlo!

  7. 9.13.13

    Yes to buying in bulk! Especially for tee shirts. I think I’ve ruined plenty of good tees just by spilling on them while eating (so classy, right?). So I’m all for buying more than one. And that applies to both tee shirts and donuts. :)

    • 9.13.13

      Grace, I am the queen of food stains. If I eat anything with sauce, it’s pretty much guaranteed that at least *some* of it is ending up down my shirt.

      And yes on the donuts. Two is better than one. ;-)

  8. 9.12.13

    I have a habit of buying the same thing in 3 different colors too, and I quote the same reason – what if I can’t find it again!

  9. 9.12.13

    The more fashion posts I read, the more I learn how to re-fashion my wardrobe with every day basics. I have so many t-shirts that I decided to make some into crop tops and the use the bottom half as head bands!

  10. 9.12.13

    I remember when I was at forever21 and I thought – eh one white shirt will be enough… It ended up being my favorite kind of plain white tee and now THEY DON’T HAVE THAT KIND ANYMORE! So from now on I always buy more than one of basic shirts!

    • 9.13.13

      I HATE when that happens! I have a feeling that may happen with these tees, too, since they’re on sale for $3.80. Womp-womp.

  11. 9.12.13
    Stacy Hackett said:

    The camis from F21 are really nice, too. I have four or five and they’ve held up well to multiple washes. Sometimes they’re on sale for less than $2!!!

    • 9.13.13

      Well that’s just too good to be true. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  12. 9.12.13

    one = none ;-) so more is always better !

    • 9.13.13

      Haha, I can get behind this kind of rationalizing!

  13. 9.12.13

    Oooo thanks for the good recommendation! I’ve been looking for a solid yet cheap tee.

    • 9.13.13

      You’re welcome! It’s our duty as sisters to share this kind of good intel, right? ;-)

  14. 9.12.13

    They look really nice :)
    I often buy two or three of something if it’s a particularly good cut – I have one Primark dress in 4 colours, and I wore it all summer! :P

  15. 9.12.13
    tanicr said:

    Hahahaah i do that too 😊

  16. 9.11.13

    I do that too! If it 1.) Is a basic I’ll always wear 2.) It’s on sale and 3.) Comes in so many pretty colors I’m buying them all up.

    • 9.13.13

      Can’t go wrong with that train of thinking, Erma!

  17. 9.11.13
    elkee said:

    Great deal! I’m like your mom I buy two of everything when my budget allows.

  18. 9.11.13

    I have this problem! you love it so much, you want to make sure you get all the colors just in case!

  19. 9.11.13

    I’ll have to keep you posted on how these hold up!

    • 9.11.13
      suezanne said:

      Let us know how they wash up?? I love J Crew T’s. But the four I bought not mention the price YIKES!!!! Have just fallen apart. Not sure who is sewing them but the stitching keeps coming out. So I love a good cozy T so keep us posted. But at that price I might buy one or two and find out for self:) Love the color. And your skin is glowing very beautiful.

  20. 9.11.13

    I buy multiples of plain v-necks too! I get mine from Old Navy, which wear out pretty fast.

  21. 9.11.13
    Tracy said:

    Love that your Mom bought in bulk, my Mom always bought in two’s ad three’s and now it’s hard for me to walk away with a basic that I love and only one in hand..I always stop and think, should I buy two? ;-)


    • 9.11.13

      My mom’s thinking was always, “what if it’s discontinued?!”

      • 9.12.13
        Kate said:

        My mom thinks the same way, but it’s because she’s actually cursed. Nearly everything she falls in love with (skincare, fragrance, and makeup too) ends up getting discontinued. So I always stock up on items I love!!

        • 9.13.13

          Your poor mom! That is so frustrating. Stock up, girl!