be right back!


Look who hasn’t updated her blog in over a week! In case you’re tired of seeing my fedora-topped mug on the homepage — I know I am — here’s a bouquet to freshen things up until I get back. Which will hopefully be next week; if I survive this one.

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  1. 10.3.13

    I love your blog, i love flowers you have a new follower :)

    Please follow me


  2. 10.1.13
    princess said:

    how sweet. your blog is really nice. it’s very laidback and cute.

  3. 9.30.13

    i would really appreciate it if someone looked at my blog, after all, NOBODY does, and it kind of brings me down :( so check out my blog! yay! please and thank you :) I love your blog btw :D

  4. 9.30.13

    Mmmmm! I can almost smell them from here! Beautiful pic.

  5. 9.28.13

    Those flowers are so gorgeous!!

  6. 9.27.13
    3flvision said:

    Very nice blog!!

    come to visit our streetstyle blog!! :)

  7. 9.26.13

    The flowers are so beautifull :)

  8. 9.26.13

    Good luck!! Loving the flowers! :)

  9. 9.26.13
    Martha said:

    Wishing you a very productive week! Hectic can be a good thing. You can do it! xo’s :)

  10. 9.26.13

    How sweet :)