while I was out…


In the last seven days, I:

Designed 88 event centerpieces, two bridal bouquets, 32 boutonnieres, and 1 homecoming corsage.

Threatened bodily harm to my computer when my point of sale network crashed last Monday afternoon. {Did you know a florist’s POS system is like the central nervous system of her business? Me neither, until mine decided to go on strike.}

Processed 100 orders the old-fashioned way — by hand.

Shopped for a new point of sale system; the old-fashioned way is for the birds!

Discovered that Paul Newman makes a pretty decent cabernet sauvignon. I drank a lot of it when I drug myself home from the shop at 10pm.

Ate three pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Damn Publix BOGO sales. Should you be curious, S’mores is where it’s at, and has taken first place over my previous favorite, Chunky Monkey.

Went through more than 30 cases of fresh flowers and 20 buckets of locally-farmed greenery.

Broke down — literally and figuratively — in a bank parking lot with a car full of wedding flowers.

Swooned over my hero of a husband, who swooped in like a knight in a shining minivan to rescue me from said break down. We moved everything to the van, made it to the venue, and set up with hours to spare.

Drank Nancy Botwin under the table in iced coffee.

Wore some variation of a t-shirt and jeans every day, and kind of loved it.

Booked two weddings, a 50th anniversary party, a 40th high school reunion, and a 1st birthday party for October.

Justified a lot of very bad food choices in the name of convenience and comfort. So much Panera mac and cheese, y’all.

Realized I’m kind of a rock star at multitasking and crisis management, even when running on very little sleep.

Received a sweet handwritten thank you note from a family we helped with funeral flowers last month, reminding me that all the exhaustion is totally worth it. 

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  1. 10.4.13

    Reblogged this on earleenblog.

  2. 10.2.13
    Sheri said:

    I live in FL too! What city are you near?? Have you ever read the Language of Flowers? I think you would totally love it!

  3. 10.2.13

    Rock on, girl! What a busy schedule! Those pints of Ben and Jerry’s were definitely necessary AND deserved! :)

  4. 10.1.13

    You are too funny! Hang in there!

  5. 10.1.13
    nicole s. said:

    loving the new header and the nancy botwin reference. you get it, girl! florists are probably the hardest working wedding/events professionals.

  6. 10.1.13

    wow! and i thought i was busy?! x

  7. 10.1.13

    Whoa! Busy busy!! I bet you wouldn’t have it any other way… :)


  8. 10.1.13

    The seven days sounds pretty crazy, but I’m glad all is well! Being a florist must be tough, especially when the brain of your shop goes on strike!

    xo Jess


  9. 10.1.13
    ksbeth said:

    amazing wonder woman )