sunday comfort food

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Today is the first real day off I’ve had in about a month — no work, no agenda, nowhere to be — and I’m savoring every minute of it.

After weeks of sustaining out of takeout boxes and juice bar protein smoothies, I couldn’t wait to spend some downtime in my abandoned kitchen to whip up some home-cooked comfort food. The kind of comfort food that requires elastic-waist pants and long naps to recover from. Calories be damned.

For lunch: A hybrid of Joy the Baker’s lasagna grilled cheese and Two Peas and Their Pod’s caprese garlic bread, made with a bakery fresh loaf of tuscan roasted garlic bread. Entire cloves of garlic baked right in, you guys! We’ll be safe from vampires for a while ’round here.

For dinner: An adaptation of Skinny Ms.’ chicken chili is simmering in the slow cooker as we speak. To be served with Mahh-tha’s skillet cornbread, and topped with greek yogurt, avocado, and sharp cheddar cheese.

For tomorrow’s breakfast: flour-less and sugarless “Pumpkin Oats n’ Honey Muffins.” The first of what I’m sure will be many pumpkin-centric recipe attempts this season.

For funsies: Joy the Baker’s s’mores brownies. Because why the heck not? Go big or go home.

Hope you’re all enjoying this Sunday as much as I am!

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  1. 10.27.13
    Simplyou said:

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    Happy Sunday!! Make your day a “Simplyou”

  2. 10.27.13
    Simplyou said:

    Wow!! looks Yummy!!

  3. 10.24.13
    tsquire44 said:

    my version of sunday comfort food is usually some kind of sub . My fav is Turkey bacon ranch :)

  4. 10.13.13

    Yum!!! It’s Sunday today!! Makes me wana try some of these!!!! D:

  5. 10.9.13

    Tots agree

  6. 10.8.13
    Lucy said:

    This all looks soooo delicious! Love the post! :D

  7. 10.8.13

    God! Now i’m hungry…
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  8. 10.8.13
    donnamh92 said:

    I’m definitely saving all these recipes! All of them sound delicious.

  9. 10.7.13

    How did you do the images in the circle at the top of the post? It looks super cute!

  10. 10.7.13

    Everything looks amazing, especially the brownies!! Looks like I wasn’t the only one baking this Sunday. I made my first ever nutella and caramel cookies and they were amazing. Check it out :)

  11. 10.7.13

    Reblogged this on wannabestylinsomething.

  12. 10.7.13

    sooooooooooooo tempting…………

  13. 10.6.13

    I saw this on pinterest :)

  14. 10.6.13
    The Borg said:

    For your one day off you sure did a lot! Between the baking/cooking/eating/drinking/napping the day must have been a blur! But it all looks so AMAZING!

    • 10.6.13

      I love cooking! I wish I had more time for it these days. I had to squeeze it all in at once! ;-)

      • 10.6.13
        The Borg said:

        well ya sure did. I’m genuinely impressed! Were you exhuasted afterwards? I love cooking but I’m usually exhausted and have sore feet and a sore back after half a day!

    • 10.6.13

      Oh, and these were all Pinterest photos for inspiration! I didn’t make all of these things, but man I wanted to.

      • 10.6.13
        The Borg said:

        ooooohhhh well I’m inspired, I really am. I have a dozen eggs I have to use up and today might be the day!

  15. 10.6.13

    Looks delicious :D

  16. 10.6.13

    This food looks great!

  17. 10.6.13

    Reblogged this on Caterina Pinzarrone and commented:

  18. 10.6.13
    mr.holic said:

    my god it looks delicious!!!

  19. 10.6.13
    Amy said:

    everything looks so yummy

  20. 10.6.13
    Oyin said:

    This is more than comfort food! It all looks so scrumptious…

  21. 10.6.13

    YumYum ^_^

  22. 10.6.13

    I just eat but after looking at these pictures, I realised I’m actually starving.

  23. 10.6.13

    looks amazing]

  24. 10.6.13

    the grilled cheese is right up my ally. Looks delicious- definitely jealous.

  25. 10.6.13

    OMG! I’m starving now after seeing all these delicious food. Thanks for posting! 😀

  26. 10.6.13

    This all looks so delicious!! Especially the pumpkin pie smoothie!! YUM! <3

    • 10.6.13

      I haven’t tried that one yet, but I plan to soon!