manicure monday: my fall favorites

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I love funky nail art as much as the next girl, but I usually don’t have the time or patience to do it myself. These days I’m all about an easy at-home manicure, and with fall officially upon us I’m on the hunt for new colors and textures to add to my nail kit. It’s time to trade in the hot pinks and corals of summer, and transition to inky blacks, jewel tones, neutral mattes, and richer nudes.

What’s your favorite polish this time of year?

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  1. 1.14.14

    Thanks for sharing – love this one :)

  2. 1.12.14

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  3. 1.1.14

    I wish I saw this post before new years eve, such great inspiration for fun manicure. Oh well! next time.

  4. 12.2.13

    I’ve wheatish Indian skin so even though I love the last one, I don’t think it will look good on me?
    I’m new here by the way. I hope to get on with all you guys here.
    Love & Luck,
    The Girl in Pink Socks

  5. 11.13.13

    Love them! Please check out my blog to help me get some view please!

  6. 10.26.13

    Love thisssss! Check out my blog please.

  7. 10.24.13

    Some great nail inspiration :-D xx

  8. 10.22.13

    I LOVE the matte gray color. I’ve been trying to find a salon that has that color in gel form. Wish me luck!

  9. 10.17.13

    Matte grey – ridiculously chic

  10. 10.17.13

    Love the matt finish!
    I have got to get a bottle of matt finish nail polish.
    Keep on blogging!!!
    xoxo diamondsecrets

  11. 10.15.13

    I’ve never used a matte top coat but OPI has one. Have you tried it before and did you like it?

  12. 10.15.13

    love these nail polish colours :)

  13. 10.14.13
    avantablo said:

    I’m obsessed with grays! Those are great colors!

  14. 10.14.13

    Awesome post! My blogging friend and I recently posted our favorite fall polish:
    I always forget about matte colors, they’re awesome! Thank you for reminding me how much I like them.

  15. 10.13.13

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  16. 10.13.13

    Nude will never go wrong! :)

  17. 10.11.13
    vestiina said:

    Not a big fan of matte colours but the matte grey in the first picture looks AMAZING!


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  18. 10.10.13

    I’m loving matte right now! I got a mini 99cent bottle of matte topcoat from Sally’s beauty supply and love the effect. I think a classic solid color is perfect for fall

  19. 10.10.13

    I love gray!!!

  20. 10.10.13

    I just did a matte grey but I am LOVING that matte black! And nudes! I change every week.

  21. 10.9.13

    Love it

  22. 10.9.13
    caidii said:

    I’m in love with that dark green Essie nail polish! Anyone know what it’s called?

  23. 10.9.13

    The best is grey!! Beautiful post!!

    Visit our blog!! :) :)

  24. 10.9.13
    Paro said:

    Love your picks. The greys and matte blue-black specially. Very pretty :D

  25. 10.9.13

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  26. 10.8.13

    Love the matte grey. Now if only I could paint my nails (especially that right hand) without it looking like I did it during an earthquake. . .

  27. 10.8.13

    Adore the matte grey. Any idea what brand or the colour name?

  28. 10.8.13

    Reblogged this on #SundayNails and commented:
    From #sundaynails to manicure Monday we love these at home mani styles and autumn trend colours. I’m super into this grey look at the moment. A great blog read too!

  29. 10.8.13
    ghazalehk said:

    I’m also doing more of the at-home manis. I love the matte nail polishes… I need to try them out! I did a recent review of some nail polishes (butter & deborah lippmann):

  30. 10.8.13

    I love these, especially the grey matte nails!

  31. 10.8.13

    My favorite is the matte grey :)

  32. 10.8.13
    rachelle said:

    totally inspired that i ran to the store in search of a matte polish, thanks!

  33. 10.8.13

    I like the matte gray … :)
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  34. 10.8.13

    Love the matte grey!

  35. 10.8.13

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  36. 10.8.13
    Vanja said:

    I just tried Haute Couture Red by L’Oreal and I love it!

  37. 10.8.13
    Clarine said:

    Reblogged this on plage et soleil.

  38. 10.8.13 good!! check it out! :)

  39. 10.8.13
    Amy said:

    love the green polish

  40. 10.8.13
    donnamh92 said:

    I love matte polishes but never really see them in the shops.

  41. 10.8.13

    They look all really pretty…especially Essie has lovely colours!

  42. 10.8.13

    Oh wow, these are pretty, especially that grey with the mug!

  43. 10.8.13
    Shmoo said:

    Wish I could get my nails to look as perfect as these! Love the grey matt :)

    Lizzee xo

  44. 10.8.13

    Morning Lovely. The grey matt is absolutely gorgeous. You have inspired me.
    Tracey x

  45. 10.8.13
    Hadassa said:

    hey i want to get it.♥ its looking lovely

  46. 10.8.13

    They are all lovely and very elegant<3 I also love burgundy red, but black will always be my favourite(although I am not a 'dark' creature :)) ).

  47. 10.8.13
    moca623 said:

    Reblogged this on BAPology.

  48. 10.8.13
    moca623 said:

    I love the play on the French manicure in the picture! I’m thinking about a burgundy or copper type color this autumn. Any suggestions on brands that won’t chip after 1-2 days?

    Mo at BAPology

  49. 10.7.13
    Linda Z said:

    Those mattes are really pretty. I love Essie’s Smokin’ Hot with a gold glitter on top. It reminds me of Starry Night. :)

  50. 10.7.13

    Lovely colours. Your nails complement the colours and not the other way around…

  51. 10.7.13
    ashjett said:

    Reblogged this on jettsetgo and commented:
    What a lovely compilation! Whole bunch of nailpolish styles to try. loving the matte gray especially :)

  52. 10.7.13
    rachelle said:

    Love this post, definitely going to request a matte polish next time I go in for a mani.

  53. 10.7.13
    1968erika said:

    Republicou isso em Seja mais, seja você!e comentado:
    Divertido e feminino!

  54. 10.7.13

    Dark colors for nails are intriguing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  55. 10.7.13

    The colors are so pretty!

  56. 10.7.13

    I am really into gold nail polish, and copper :) Love metallics!
    Check out my latest outfit post :)

  57. 10.7.13
    Shanna said:

    Master Plan by Essie. Absolutely perfect for all the amazing festivities of the season!

  58. 10.7.13

    I <3 Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI and would like a jeweled-toned green to recreate the lower right corner manicure! =) I've never tried a matte polish so it would be interesting to do!

  59. 10.7.13
    neasha1 said:

    Grays and soft beige. I always think I am going to try something more funky and always chicken out! Maybe I should just try something different and stop being so Polish safe :)

  60. 10.7.13

    I’ve never tried a matte but I am loving those grays

  61. 10.7.13
    lucyyyd said:

    In love with the matte finishes! Have you found any specific polishes you love for this fall season?

  62. 10.7.13
    shecando said:

    Love the grey OPI colour!

  63. 10.7.13
    Lydia said:

    These all look beautiful! Sometimes I don’t like matte finishes, but the first picture with the grey polish looks great matte, love it.