kinda sorta almost fall.




Florida’s holding on to summer for as long as it can. When it’s not raining cats and dogs, it’s a brisk 85 degrees in the shade. Ankle booties are my new best friend; I can pair them with dresses or skinnies and pretend it’s fall around these parts without the threat of heat stroke. I found these on Hautelook for [wait for it…] $35.

I missed my hair appointment two weeks ago. I was four weeks overdue then, so you can do the math (and count the inches of my roots). I can’t stop thinking about my blog pal Carrie’s new bob… the idea of fuss-free shoulder length hair is awfully tempting right now.

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  1. 9.25.14
    imgur said:

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  2. 11.21.13

    That bag is simply amazing!

  3. 10.28.13
    Brynn said:

    Cute! I love the simplicity of this outfit, Keira! I just got a couple of chambray dresses (because obviously you need more than one…???) and I can’t wait to wear them with my new booties like you’ve done here!

  4. 10.21.13

    youre a good writer, but try to get people inspired. thats the reason girls go to blogs. for insparation, not your livestory

  5. 10.21.13

    gorgeous outfit, love your dress!
    xx Vera & Rony

  6. 10.20.13

    Love, love, love your outfit!

  7. 10.18.13

    Your dress is so cute! Where is it from?

  8. 10.18.13

    Reblogged this on kikifashionblog and commented:
    absolutely LOVE her blog!!!! very beautiful

  9. 10.17.13

    love how you styled this. very simple but cute!
    & great choice of bag. i have the same one ;)

    xoxo, Rose!

  10. 10.16.13

    This looks adorable! I NEED fall to come to Charleston — I check the 10 day forecast almost every day only to see that it’ll be 77 degrees in 10 days…
    xx Chloe

  11. 10.16.13
    Amanda G. said:

    I live in South Florida and am patiently waiting for some cooler weather! I may just have to find a pair of booties so I can feel like it is somewhat fall…

  12. 10.15.13
    Katie ★ said:

    I love the look, really beautiful!

    Love Katie ♥

  13. 10.15.13
    Maggie A said:

    I always love the shirt style dress. Perfect all season round. :)

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  14. 10.15.13
    marieltan said:

    I wish the weather here in the Philippines allowed me to wear boots more often. :)

  15. 10.15.13

    Love the accessories that you paired with the outfit. FAB!!

  16. 10.15.13

    Gorgeous look! I think I’m due for a haircut too…I don’t know if I could pull off the whole “bob” look, but it is SUCH a cute style! And fall is a great time for a change! :)

  17. 10.15.13

    Love the outfit – and totally understand the Florida fall (I’m in Tampa).

  18. 10.15.13

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  19. 10.15.13


  20. 10.15.13

    Reblogged this on WELCOME! and commented:
    your photo nice

  21. 10.14.13
    Lucy said:

    Very cute :D

  22. 10.14.13
    Kate said:

    I say do it. After 3+ years of really long hair, I got an angular bob and love it! It felt really liberating, not to mention how much more polished and sassy it looks.

  23. 10.14.13

    Love your outfit, I just went for a bob myself and is great to have a change after summer! Plus hair grows!

  24. 10.14.13

    Yes and it’s a perfect dress for this transitional weather!

  25. 10.14.13
    ashley said:

    what an amazing find! cute look!

  26. 10.14.13

    I love ankle booties, as well. So comfortable and easy to walk around in. Must get some brown ones like yours.

  27. 10.14.13

    I have a similar denim dress, thanks for the outfit idea!

  28. 10.14.13

    we have the same bag!!! love it!

  29. 10.14.13
    Quin said:

    Absolutely adorable. Laid back and chic