cold therapy


As C headed out the door this morning — and I struggled to make up the time I overslept — he uttered the sweet words I’ve waited weeks to hear…

Baby, dress warm!”

Glory be, a real live fall day! I zipped up my favorite boots, wrapped a (lightweight) scarf around my neck, and left the house determined to let the crisp air blow away the frustrations of a trying hump day. You didn’t think yesterday’s pep talk was just for you, did you?

So far, it’s worked. Things are looking up. And just in time; tomorrow we’re back in the 80’s.


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  1. 11.21.13

    Absolutely stunning outfit and a gorgeous well written blog! I’ve just recently started a blog myself so everyone check it out, like, comment and follow! It’s basically fashion, beauty and to make things short it’s my life :) thaaaanks xxx

  2. 11.11.13
    dorienxo said:

    Hi! Just wanted to say you have a new follower! ;) You look beautiful and you have great taste in clothes! ;)

  3. 10.28.13

    Love this outfit, especially those boots – want a pair!

  4. 10.26.13

    I think the scarf is my favorite part!

    Please check out the store I opened with my friend at !

  5. 10.26.13
    Lisa Bates said:

    You are seriously my favorite writer on the planet. I was just telling Sandi how much I love your writing style. First of all, I don’t like to read. Anything. But I always read what you write and always will. I just read this fall post aloud to Bates. Adorable.

  6. 10.26.13

    We Heart You!!!

  7. 10.25.13

    I love this outfit! I really like the way the black top looks with that particular shade of brown boots! I’ve been hunting for a similar pair! And that scarf is so simple but super cute! Hapy Fall! :)

  8. 10.25.13
    Vanja said:

    you look adorable! i made a similar ‘do this morning but then realized it won’t work since i needed to wear earmuffs. it was 40 degrees here in DC just as i was heading out. have a great weekend!

  9. 10.25.13

    Cute look :-) xx

  10. 10.25.13

    Wow this is such a gorgeous yet simple look, I love it x

  11. 10.25.13

    this outfit looks so comfy! Love the high bun on you :)

  12. 10.25.13
    Chloe said:

    Still waiting for an autumnal temperature dip here in London. It’s just wet and grey- oh the sterotypes. The upside to the warmer temps is that it’s truly beautiful city to cycle through when the sun is shining as the light is totally different in the new season!

  13. 10.25.13
    bnbuzz said:

    I like your outfit! :)

  14. 10.24.13

    I’m just as excited as you are, finally sweater weather!

  15. 10.24.13
    rhiannon said:

    love this look! i too was equally as excited this morning!

  16. 10.24.13

    such a cool and fun outfit. you look great. i love your boots