for the love of studded suede


Have I told you how much I love Hautelook? Oh, a million times? Please allow a million and one, in celebration of these Jessica Simpson taupe suede peep-toe booties that are absolutely covered in tiny gold studs. Which I procured for half-off, but love whole-heartedly.

Psst! You can find them here. They also come in black.

Happy weekend!

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  1. 11.28.13
    fauusat said:

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  2. 11.23.13
    fatcat said:

    Oh how fabulous! Love from London XX

  3. 11.20.13

    oh wow stunning shoes!! we are in love!
    xx Vera & Rony

  4. 11.16.13

    I love this! I actually just started a blog myself it would be great If you could check it out and comment on some of my posts telling me what you think.

  5. 11.7.13

    Love them !

  6. 11.7.13
    Miss Lucy said:

    I need these shooooes! I just need them to go on sale already lol

  7. 11.6.13
    Elisouche said:

    They are amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing!

  8. 11.5.13
    tsquire44 said:

    cute shoes

  9. 11.4.13

    omg these are amazing!!!!!

  10. 11.4.13
    checklexx said:

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  11. 11.4.13
    Lucy said:

    Such cute shoes! :D

  12. 11.4.13
    shoplinkz said:

    Annnnnnd we’re in debt.

  13. 11.4.13
    Heidi said:

    Good LORD those are cute!! Nice find girlfriend!

  14. 11.4.13

    Get out of town! Those are adorable!!

  15. 11.4.13
    ginakiely said:

    Perfect fall booties! Love the detailing!

    Gina x

  16. 11.4.13

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    I love suede

  17. 11.4.13

    Amazing shoes

  18. 11.3.13

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  19. 11.3.13
    Quin said:

    OMG those are absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore them. GO YOU!

  20. 11.3.13

    They are perfect!! xx

  21. 11.3.13

    If only they shipped to Australia :( !!

  22. 11.3.13
    Nish said:

    Awesome, and they look so comfortable :)

  23. 11.3.13

    Ooohh great boots! xx

  24. 11.3.13
    kmtyson said:

    These shoes are fabulous!!

  25. 11.2.13

    These are gorgeous, I love them!!

  26. 11.2.13

    cool shoes

  27. 11.2.13

    Love those! I think Hautelook has some great deals- Especially those shoes!

  28. 11.2.13

    These are so pretty… I am an Hautelook junkie and am sad I missed these!

  29. 11.2.13

    I’m such a discount shopper! It’s so much fun to find designer clothes more than 50% off!! My fav spots are,, and It’s dangerous to even look!!

  30. 11.2.13