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What is it about highlighting that’s so durn addictive? It starts as a few innocent foils “for dimension,” and before you know it, you’re blonde.

My stylist is the best enabler. It started last season, with some subtle highlights to try and hide the lovely flat shade of orangey-red I acquired from a home hair color fail. Then two weeks ago, when I went in for a trim, we filled my head with foils, banishing the last of the brass. Two days later, she texted me and said, “I’ve been thinking about your hair all weekend. I want you to come back in to paint on just a few more highlights, if that’s cool with you.”

And I was all, “let’s do it!” Because I figure if a little blonde is a good, a lot of blonde is better…

It’s a slippery slope, the hair highlighting.


So Saturday afternoon, she put in a few more foils, and then balayaged — my spellcheck really doesn’t want to let that word happen, but it’s happening — lighter pieces all throughout. We left my roots natural for easy maintenance, and decided we’re probably done.

For now.

What Do You Think?

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  1. xaviersd wrote:
    Posted 12.27.13 Reply
  2. I love your color! Check out my blog for more color ideas!

    Posted 12.20.13 Reply
  3. Kortney D wrote:


    Posted 12.8.13 Reply
  4. kailamo wrote:

    Aww that dog is the cutest thing EVER!

    Posted 11.23.13 Reply
  5. elkee wrote:

    I think blonde would suit you. I have seriously been considering going blonde myself.

    Posted 11.22.13 Reply
  6. CrifJohnson wrote:

    You look really pretty! Nice pair of shades!

    Posted 11.22.13 Reply
  7. Whitney wrote:

    I do the opposite! I started with a just a few low lights and now i’m basically black. I think it’s the change – we crave the difference in the mirror since so many of us have the same hair style day after day.
    New follower – Raspy Wit

    Posted 11.21.13 Reply
  8. xaviersd wrote:
    Posted 11.21.13 Reply
  9. Hey!
    Since I enjoy reading your blog so much I’ve nominated you for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’!
    Make sure you check out my last post to read all about it :)

    Posted 11.16.13 Reply
  10. Got told my hair is gold by kids in my class after putting in highlights!
    idiolisticdreamer | A great site

    Posted 11.13.13 Reply
  11. gestelle wrote:
    Posted 11.13.13 Reply
  12. Your hair look very nice!! And i love yr jacket and sunglasses too.

    Posted 11.12.13 Reply
  13. love your hair so much ♡

    Posted 11.9.13 Reply
  14. I really like it:) and I LOVE your jacket. super cute <3 :)

    Posted 11.7.13 Reply
  15. In love with your hair!

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  16. You look so pretty here!!!

    Love the subtle curls in the hair :)

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  17. Hello!
    I’ve nominated you for a sunshine award! (woo)
    Check out my last post to read all about it.
    Keep up the great blogging!

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  18. I love the color! Great for Fall!

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  19. Stephanie wrote:

    you have been nominated for the liebster award!

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  20. anastasiac wrote:

    looks gorgeous!!!

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  21. what’s wrong about it?

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  22. Beautiful hair and super cute doggie! xx

    Posted 11.6.13 Reply
  23. Girl on the Go wrote:

    That is exactly how I ended up blonde lol. Your hair looks great!

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  24. suezanne wrote:

    you look beautiful what ever shade your hair is:) and you wear it with ease:)

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  25. It looks awesome!! I’m off to do the same this weekend and can not wait. There is something so fun about highlights & going lighter. You look fabulous!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  26. I recently put the popular “wine” color underneath my darker brunette hair. I’m already ready to go back and dye my whole head because of it! Hair color gets a little addicting!

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  27. rachelle wrote:

    I love highlights but they are so high maintenance that I’ve moved on to ombre.

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  28. Sara wrote:

    I like it! I don’t think it looks “blonde” at all. But that’s just me. :)

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
    • Definitely not blonde yet! That’s a little more maintenance than I have time for these days. But it always seems to go extreme with highlighting, before you know it you’re platinum ;)

      Posted 11.5.13 Reply
      • Sara wrote:

        I could how that would happen. I’ve never dyed my hair—too cheap! But I have curly hair and it seems to “make” highlights due to the curve of the curl and catches light, so I guess I have natural highlights?

        Posted 11.5.13 Reply
        • Lucky girl! Those are the best kind!

          When I was in the salon, there was a little girl with blonde curly hair that had the most gorgeous natural highlights. I pointed her out to my stylist and said, “she doesn’t know how good she has it!”

          Posted 11.5.13 Reply
    • joannapop wrote:

      It looks great! I recently went completely dark..the opposite as us Canadians usually darken our hair in the winter!

      Posted 11.14.13 Reply
  29. Oh I can’t wait to get my hair highlighted again! It’s been long overdue!
    Love yours!

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply