while I was out…

Remember when I used to blog? 

Life’s been crazy, but so good. I took a little break to soak it all in, away from my laptop.

Since we last saw each other, I designed two weddings, a rehearsal dinner, an 18-table brunch, and a sweet 16 party (and those were just the big ones). A few new clients hopped on board, we booked several upcoming events, and we added a sweet and talented lady to our little flower family. She’s already made my life so much easier.

And since every rose has it’s thorn: Quickbooks ate five weeks worth of irretrievable data, the air conditioner in the flower van petered out, and my delivery driver took a two-week leave of absence. Small business ownership, man. “It’s like a box of chocolates…

Oh, and I turned 29. My family and friends went above and beyond to make this birthday extra special. There were celebrations and cupcakes and the most thoughtful gifts; text messages and singing voicemails and sweet handwritten cards. It was a lovely beginning to what I’m sure is going to be a really great year.

I always thought I’d dread the end of my 20s. But here I am, more content than… maybe ever? Not because things are perfect or easy. They’re messy, restless, and peppered with {ever-increasing} grey hairs; but I’m surrounded by amazing people, making my dream happen one day at a time.

And I’m proud of who I’m growing into…

Getting older ain’t so bad after all. 

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  1. 12.6.13


  2. 12.2.13

    Reblogged this on ThatShelbyGirl and commented:
    Love this blog!

  3. 11.22.13

    Gorgous! Happy belated! Xoxo

  4. 11.22.13
    Juliane said:

    Happy belated birthday Keira.
    I love your post and pictures. The arrangements are so lovely.
    And always remember:
    “Du bist immer so jung wie du dich fühlst.”
    “You’re always as young as you feel.”

    • 11.22.13

      Thank you, Juliane!

      A great quote to live by ;-)

  5. 11.22.13
    elkee said:

    Thank’s for the update I’ve been wondering where you have been! Happy belated birthday.

  6. 11.22.13
    rlobeck said:

    Great post, Keira! It’s tough for me to keep up with the blogging, too! I can’t believe we’re almost 30! I’m actually looking forward to ending the 20s! :)

    • 11.22.13

      Oh, Rach. Our Denison days feel like just yesterday.

  7. 11.22.13

    Happy birthday :)

  8. 11.22.13

    Happy birthday ! Remember it is not the age that makes you young or not…<3

  9. 11.21.13

    Standing ovations here. You’ve achieved what it takes some people a lifetime!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  10. 11.21.13
    Minnie said:

    I’ve been dreading the end of my twenties for years now, and I’m only 26. I hope that I can be in the same mindset as you when I reach 29. I’m hearing more and more how your thirties is really what it’s all about, so yay for you! :) Happy belated!

    • 11.22.13

      My mid-20s were kind of a mess. I was happy to bid them adieu. Enjoy yours!!

  11. 11.21.13
    Linda Z said:

    Well, with all of that happening, you got out some beautiful arrangements!! :) I’d be in buying if I weren’t clear across the country!! :) Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Do we have the same b’day… I think I remember from last year?? Mine’s the 16th, but I turned 42! You are still a very accomplished “youngin’ “. :)

    • 11.22.13

      Yes!! We do share a birthday! And a happy belated one to you as well, Linda!!

  12. 11.21.13

    Lovely pictures and Happy Belated Birthday! xo