florida winter

{ Romeo & Juliet vegan leather jacket via Hautelook; Forever 21 favorite v-neck tee; American Eagle high-rise skinnies in washed black; Philip Lim for Target cross-body bag; Candies leopard loafers (SIMILAR under $50) }


In case you missed the “We Hate You, Florida” weather map last week, the sunshine state isn’t participating in winter right now. But despite this hot and balmy December, the holiday festivities are going strong. I am so in the Christmas spirit, ya’ll!

We’ve enjoyed lots of quality time with our friends. More are coming into town in the next week, and I can hardly stand it. We pulled all the decorations down from the attic, found things from our first Christmas in our home that made me sentimental and weepy, trimmed a perfect tiny tree, attended a few work-related holiday parties, and baked a holiday treat or two. I even finished my shopping early!

For the last couple of years, C and I have been so consumed with the business we kind of passed right over the holidays. We went through the motions with family and friends, but didn’t buy a tree, decorate the house, or even exchange gifts. This year we made a pact to slow down and savor the season, and it’s lovely.

So even though I can’t comfortably cuddle up in a chunky sweater with a cup of cocoa just yet, I’m loving every minute of this December. I hope you are, too!


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  1. 2.7.15

    The front piece click here doesn’t do it. From here, and then it
    has no minimum orders, no steam. This is a snap-on foot.

  2. 12.20.13
    tefi1201 said:

    I totally can relate to this, I live in Orlando. this post was so cute you have inspired me to to maybe do one like this down the road!

  3. 12.18.13

    Love the jacket! And that bag is gorgeous too <3 http://healthyjeaned.wordpress.com/

  4. 12.17.13
    Nish said:

    Lovely outfit and thanks for the close-up of the bag. It looks really good.

  5. 12.17.13

    I love your bag!

    Maria x

  6. 12.17.13

    Love love the flats, this morning it was a little chilly and I rushed for my favorite scarf who know when will be the next time i could wear it.

  7. 12.17.13

    Have a happy sunny Christmas! And yes, we are jealous, but I like my Minnesota snow :)

  8. 12.17.13

    Really lovely OOTD & nice blog dear!

  9. 12.17.13
    Amy said:

    Cute purse

  10. 12.17.13

    Glad to hear you are in the Christmas spirit despite the warm weather! :-) Fab bag! Have a great day! xx


  11. 12.17.13

    It doesn’t need to be freezing to be Christmas – we do alright down in the Australian summer! :)

    ps. that bag is gorgeous!

  12. 12.17.13
    lucandrob said:

    love the post and the bag!


  13. 12.17.13

    I am actually homesick for Florida right now – my family and the warmth. I am so happy to hear that y’all are intentionally “slowing” yourselves down to enjoy the holidays. I did the very same thing this year, too, for the first time in a while – bought a little tree, took the time to decorate, and am inviting some friends over for Christmas {I work in a very “driven-by-the-holidays” industry, as well}. I am loving all of December, too! Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the palm trees and humidity, and I’ll don a sweater and shovel the snow here for you! ;-) Deal!

  14. 12.17.13
    anmol88 said:

    very nice tag

  15. 12.17.13
    anmol88 said:

    nice tag

  16. 12.17.13

    These shoes are a lovely touch to a black and white outfit. Lovely, Sara

  17. 12.17.13

    So happy to hear you’re making the most of your not so white Christmas! I live in central California, and we usually have that same issue. However, lately we’ve been down in the 30’s which I guess not everyone would consider cold, but for us it might as well be Antarctica.

  18. 12.16.13

    Today was quite cold in my Florida area

  19. 12.16.13

    Ugh! It’s the same in Southern California too!! All I want is to wear my comfy sweaters and jackets!


  20. 12.16.13

    I wish Florida will cool up a bit! I love winter fashion.
    Amazing outfit! :)


  21. 12.16.13
    Juliane said:

    Hi Keira,
    nice to hear that you have the Christmas spirit already. In Germany the weather is quite cold, but snow is missing.
    This year I’m also glad that everything slows down. I have all the gifts, baked tasty cookies yesterday and most important: I’m with my family and friends! Christmas can come. I’m looking forward to it!