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Drastic changes can be tough on your mane. In my case, I’m fortunate to have healthy hair and a stylist who knows what she’s doing with color, so even after three rounds of highlights — both foils and balayage — it’s still in good shape. But my lightened locks definitely require more TLC than before my hair was processed, and my haircare arsenal got an overhaul.

Someone once told me that professional hair color is an investment, and you want to protect that investment with quality products. Your stylist is your best resource for letting you know which shampoos, treatments, and styling products are ideal for your hair type, but here are the products that have worked best for me, post-peroxide.

I usually shampoo twice a week, and alternate between Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Lush Daddy-O.  The Moroccanoil is extra hydrating, and the Daddy-O keeps my highlights bright and blonde instead of brassy. Both clean my hair as well as a clarifying shampoo (no rinse and repeats necessary) without stripping it of moisture, and both smell incredible. After lathering up, I always condition with a handful of Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner, and leave it in for as long as I can in the shower.

After gently towel-drying, I generously spritz It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product throughout my hair and carefully comb out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. I try to let it air dry as often as possible, but when I have to blow it out I swear by my Hanaair Professional Hair Dryer from Misikko. It’s a splurge, but it cuts my drying time by at least 70% (you can find an old review here). 

For styling, I stick to two products every day: Lush Sea Spray and Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost. The sea spray is awesome for creating and holding soft, beachy waves without feeling greasy or dirty. Your Highness gives volume right at the root where you need it, and doesn’t weigh your hair down or leave it sticky like some mousses.

Finally, every few weeks I deep condition with Lush Marilyn. It’s a pre-wash treatment that brightens blonde tones with chamomile, saffron and lemon, and moisturizes with linseed. I coat my dry hair with it from root to ends, pile it on top of my head, and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before shampooing. It leaves my hair super soft and shiny, and like most Lush products, also smells divine.

Now if I could just stop the nagging voice in my head that keeps telling me to go lighter

Do you have processed hair? What are your favorite tricks and products for maintaining it and keeping it healthy?

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  1. Romane lou wrote:

    That’s blog was so good thanks for sharing a great information. As, everyone wants their hair smooth and shinner. Though i am also looking forward to try these products timely.
    Source:- .

    Posted 1.21.14 Reply
  2. Moroccan Oil is amazing/ a lifesaver! Also love those hair ties they save my hair daily- great blog!

    Posted 12.30.13 Reply
  3. I love Lush!

    Posted 12.30.13 Reply
  4. I looooove “It’s a 10!”

    Posted 12.21.13 Reply
  5. I recommend It’s A 1O to all my color clients!

    Posted 12.20.13 Reply
  6. corinnetrowbridge wrote:

    Love this list! I have a trick my hairdresser taught me for my very highlighted hair. I only wash once a week, but wet and condition in the shower daily. This actually freshens my hair but allows more body as the week ends. I swear I get more compliments on my hair by the end of the week!

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply
  7. You can find the It’s a 10 spray at most drugstores now!

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply
  8. I have highlighted hair too and this is SO helpful! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Chloe

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply
  9. I love lush products, they are amazing!

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply
  10. Reblogged this on katie sorrell;.

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply
  11. I absolutely love catwalk!

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply
  12. I literally just highlighted my hair, this is perfect timing. Any other tips on managing it are welcome too!

    Posted 12.17.13 Reply
  13. Nish wrote:

    I love coconut oil to massage in, olive oil works well too. I loove Kerastase products, they are expensive, but I interchange them with cheapie shampoos, so it ends up working fine.

    Posted 12.17.13 Reply
  14. missy wrote:

    I massage warm olive oil in my hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes, as a weekly treatment. It works great for my thin, light blonde hair. I’ve also used a little argan oil cream after drying my hair, which helped smooth it out without being too greasy. My favorite purifying conditioner is Carol’s Daughter rosemary mint purifying conditioner… it smells sooooo good, too!

    Posted 12.17.13 Reply
  15. Moroccan Oil is amazing. The shampoo has never done much for me, but that conditioner is fantastic

    Posted 12.17.13 Reply
    • Hair care wrote:

      Yess, me too ,i like moroccan oil.

      Posted 12.22.13 Reply
  16. dressingd wrote:

    Completely forgot about the awesomeness that is Lush products since moving to SA. Soooo going to have to stock up before heading back. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 12.17.13 Reply
  17. laraloves wrote:

    great picks! I really want to try the moisture shampoo

    Posted 12.17.13 Reply