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  1. 3.4.14

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  2. 1.26.14
    lizskakel said:

    Blue suede? I think I am in love…. :)


  3. 12.30.13

    Love those booties!

  4. 12.29.13

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  5. 12.28.13

    I just love this Style! Check out our picks on http://myilf.wordpress.com

  6. 12.23.13

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    Looks just like something I would wear. Jeans + Sweater.

  7. 12.23.13

    Nice combination and great style! :)

  8. 12.23.13

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  9. 12.21.13
    lecampana said:

    Republicou isso em Costumização .e comentado:
    o que acharam meninas? :D

  10. 12.20.13
    tefi1201 said:

    Those are some great shoes!

  11. 12.20.13

    I love those shoes!

  12. 12.19.13

    Your style is seriously amazing. Love this entire outfit!

  13. 12.19.13

    cute look

    check out my blog, http://www.fashionforlunch.net

  14. 12.19.13

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  15. 12.19.13

    Very cute!

  16. 12.19.13

    Great Combination,Love the shoes

  17. 12.19.13

    Love the deep blue shade- gorgeous!

  18. 12.19.13
    1968erika said:


  19. 12.19.13
    Amy said:

    hot shoe

  20. 12.19.13
    Juls said:

    those boots are perfection, i love it!

  21. 12.19.13

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  22. 12.19.13

    love love love!

  23. 12.18.13

    The blue suede shoes definitely make this outfit.

  24. 12.18.13

    Great outfit! Love the shoes!

  25. 12.18.13

    Such a fun outfit! Neutrals are much better paired with a pop of print or color.

  26. 12.18.13

    Such a cute outfit! You must have been so cozy! (This is such a great idea, too. Mind if I steal it? :) Hope you’re staying warm and dry!)

  27. 12.18.13

    I love this! Your blog is so cool. You should read mine and tell me what you think.