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{ Aeropostale sweatshirt ($8 on clearance) | Gap Always Skinny Jeans | Michael Antonio booties ($35 via Hautelook) | La Mer Collections leather wrap watch (c/o) | Alex & Ani Bracelets }

For the first time in years, I ventured out to shop the after-Christmas sales last Thursday. After stopping in Bath & Body to see my friend, Anne, and spend the gift card that burned a hole in my pocket on a 50% off Tuscan Herb candle, I strolled a few doors down and hesitated at the entrance to Aeropostale.

Am I getting too old for this place?

I have a simple formula for determining whether I’ve outgrown a store: If, 1.) I can’t squeeze my almost-30 thighs into the skinny jeans, 2.) the graphic tees make me blush or leave me befuddled, 3.) the teenaged staff calls me ma’am, 4.) the cologne-soaked inventory gives me an instant migraine, or 5.) there are words embroidered on the seat of any sweatpants/swimwear/undergarments, I accept that I probably have no business shopping there.

I’m definitely approaching the Aero expiration date (see numbers 1 and 3) but that afternoon I gathered an armful of clearance sweatshirts and cotton tees priced from $6-12, perfect everyday basics for working in the flower shop.

What Do You Think?

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  1. I agree with the Aero mindset! They always have great clearance though so I usually end up going in :) Your hair is also really pretty!

    Posted 1.5.14 Reply
  2. I think basics are the best! They are simple, easy to put together, and always chic <3

    Posted 1.4.14 Reply
  3. Hahaha I love this description!! I’ve been feeling that way about Aero for a while as well, but there are such great bargains on basics there! I feel the same about my beloved American Eagles sweaters (ALWAYS on sale!)

    Posted 1.2.14 Reply
  4. pattypliu wrote:

    I’ve had the same thought when I pass by Aeropostale and stalling to decide whether I want to go in. Aeropostale has gotten better over the years after having too much fun with the monkeys and weird animal prints. For 50% off+ on their new arrivals and 60%+ off on their other items, sometimes there are gems lying around. I just hate going in and seeing the little kiddies around me, but I can pretend I’m shopping for my niece or nephew, no?

    Posted 1.1.14 Reply
  5. Tab wrote:

    I remember the day a few years ago, I realized I was too old for those aero type stores. Don’t worry the clothes get better. More expensive but better.

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  6. Brynn wrote:

    Haha, yep, I completely understand that! If most of the people shopping there and working there look like they’re in high school, I need to get outta there :) However, sometimes stores like that have fantastic basics on mega clearance, so I quickly buy my things and leave, haha. You scored big time with that sweatshirt – I love it!

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  7. Ashton wrote:

    OK I’m glad I’m not the only one with the same mindset… I took my stepdaughter there to shop on Sunday, and I saw several things I wanted to try on (jeans, sweatshirt, lace-y shirts) and my husband was like seriously?! So I put them back… but I REALLY liked that sweatshirt, so I might go back lol!!

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  8. Loving the sweatshirt! Great find. And yes, I stopped “squeezing” my thighs/butt in American Eagle jeans years ago, so I don’t even try. Ha! I say cheers to the beauty in aging and getting ‘softer’ and more womanly. You are beautiful friend!

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  9. Amy wrote:

    you look great

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  10. xaviersd wrote:

    Great top!!

    The Balmain Atelier

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  11. tanicr wrote:

    Great finds! Happy new year

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  12. Must say really graceful !!!! :D fallen in love with your hair ;)

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  13. rachelle wrote:

    Great finds, that watch is gorgeous!

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  14. rosie154 wrote:

    Your hair looks great!

    Posted 12.31.13 Reply
  15. Your hair looks beautiful!

    Posted 12.30.13 Reply
  16. It was a sad day for me when Aeropostale seemed too young. Forever 21 is starting to push it for me sadly.

    Posted 12.30.13 Reply
  17. Good for you– jump in on a sale no matter where!!

    Posted 12.30.13 Reply