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{ Blu Pepper sweater (m.marie) | INC International Concepts Stretch Leggings | Bucco boots via Hautelook | La Mer Collections leather wrap watch (c/o) }

I could happily live out the rest of my days in giant sweaters and good leggings. By “good leggings,” I mean high quality ones made of substantial fabric for grown ladies; not the flimsy show-every-bit-of-your-business leg wear found in the juniors department. I know it’s tempting, but just, no.

I found these INC stretch leggings at Macy’s just before Thanksgiving — because, hello, comfy glutton pants — and forked over the retail price because they’re that awesome.  Now they’re on sale, so you can scoop them up for almost half of what I paid and pair them up with your favorite boots and chunky knits this winter. And I can get a backup pair (or two).

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  1. 1.15.14
    Sour Girl said:

    I love this pictures, they are amazing :D look my blog

  2. 1.12.14
    Christine & Shannon said:

    This is such a great basic outfit, I need more sweaters like this. The leggings & boots combo never fails.

  3. 1.12.14

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  4. 1.10.14
    fayaae said:

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  5. 1.10.14
    xaviersd said:

    Very cute! Love it

    Check my latest collar on my blog: Weakness

  6. 1.7.14

    love this sweater

  7. 1.7.14

    It is so, so hard to find leggings that I don’t feel trashy and cliché wearing. I will definitely have to check these out! I have plenty of sweaters to match with them.

  8. 1.6.14
    Dayna said:

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  9. 1.6.14
    functionallyfrivolous said:

    Everyone should invest in some “good leggings” they definitely make all the difference!

  10. 1.6.14
    rachelle said:

    Love it, thanks so much for the heads up on the sale. I’m living in leggings right now, perfect for riding boots to keep my feet dry with all the snow and rain we’ve been getting.


  11. 1.6.14

    giant sweaters and leggings with boots are the best!!! cute outfit!

  12. 1.6.14
    Vee said:

    Thanks for the sale info! I’m 30+ so I can’t deal with see-through leggings. I actually found some great ones online at Classic Shapewear. They are good quality, comfy and shape me nicely.

  13. 1.6.14
    LucyBre said:

    All I ever wear is leggings, once you realise how comfy they are you’ll never stop wearing them!

  14. 1.6.14

    Super cute!!

  15. 1.6.14

    I just bought these leggings off your recommendation and they are heaven thanks

  16. 1.6.14
    Stacey said:

    Super cute! I just made a post about ‘grown up leggings’ too. My new faves are from Ann Taylor Loft (or The Loft, or whatever they’re calling it these days). I think I may have to go grab a pair of the INC ones though too!

  17. 1.6.14
    Ashley said:

    I feel the same way about sweaters and leggings, they are so comfortable! My favourite leggings are the pixie pants from J.Crew.

  18. 1.6.14

    I love Zara for leggings, I have bought a few pairs they even have pockets :) Steph x

  19. 1.6.14

    Loving your outfit! Casual but comfy. :)

  20. 1.6.14

    Leggings and sweaters are always the right way to go!

  21. 1.6.14

    I love this outfit! The sweater looks so warm! Sweater, leggings, and boots are the perfect combo! :)

  22. 1.6.14
    Terri said:

    I’m the same way. I have a pair of ponte knit leggings I got from Victoria’s Secret, and they are fantastic. Nothing can be seen through them, they’re cute and super comfy.

  23. 1.6.14

    Love your post! You can also try the Pixie leggings at JCrew; they are fab!!!!

  24. 1.6.14
    rhiannon said:

    love this look! super cute.

  25. 1.6.14

    Veryyy nice look!!! love it

  26. 1.6.14
    Elizabeth said:

    Love this look! I have been wanting some higher quality leggings, so I may check these out. Question – how is the length for us shorties? One reviewer said she is 5’10” and they are a great length, so my 5’2″ self isn’t so sure! Thanks!

    • 1.6.14

      The inseam is about 29″. I’m 5’4″ and they’re ankle length on me. So they would probably work for you!

  27. 1.6.14
    dressingd said:

    Simple, easy and very cute. I love this!
    x d

  28. 1.6.14

    Love this outfit I feel the same way! A pair of good leggings and a comfy sweater is really all I need

  29. 1.6.14
    Telma said:

    Lovely outfit! I am looking for a sweater like that!

  30. 1.6.14
    Amy said:

    you look super cozy

  31. 1.6.14

    I’ve been the same way about sweaters this year (probably because, right now, the wind chill is -25!). I’m still a bit hesitant to wear leggings, so I stick to skinny jeans…but I might check these out at Macy’s if I can ever get out from under all this snow and ice!

    • 1.6.14

      Bless your heart! My Florida blood can’t even fathom weather that cold. Stay warm!

  32. 1.6.14

    The outfit is sooo cute! it looks sooooo comfy!!! Thanks for sharing

  33. 1.6.14

    I love this outfit. If only I could wear it teaching!! Looks so comfy and cozy.
    Another solution to the “see through” leggings I like is purchasing the warm winter running leggings and wearing those. That way I stay super warm, and there are some that look more like leggings than athletic pants! :)

  34. 1.6.14

    oh my word. this is so pretty :)

  35. 1.6.14
    ediepoe said:

    I feel exactly the same way about leggings! if you’re able to get them in the states, Jack Wills leggings are excellent quality x

    • 1.6.14

      I just recently learned about Jack Wills. I think they ship to the US now, so I’ll definitely give them a try. Thanks for the recommendation!

  36. 1.6.14
    Cathy said:

    cute CUTE!!