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Making : plans for Valentine’s Day at the flower shop.
Cooking : s’mores like they’re going out of style.
Drinking : Tito’s and soda with lime.
ReadingMirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire.
Wanting: a pair of lace-up riding boots.
Looking: for recipes to break in the dutch oven I got for Christmas.
Playing: endless rounds of evening tug-o-war with Doak.
Wasting: takeout cups of half drank iced tea.
Wishing: I had a little more time with the family and friends who were home for the holidays.
Enjoying: re-watching Freaks and Geeks and falling in love with Jason Segel all over again.
Waiting: for season 2 of Orange is the New Black.
Liking: goat cheese and fig preserves baked on multigrain bakery bread.
Wondering: if I ordered enough roses for next month?
Loving: my new Nissan NV 200 van! 
Hoping: for a record-breaking Valentine’s Day.
Marvelling: at FSU’s performance in the BCS championship game. We watched it with great friends, good food, and lots of cocktails. It was the best night!
Needing: to schedule a hair appointment to take care of these roots.
Smelling: my handsome husband in the Jack Black stuff I got him for Christmas. So good.
Wearing: AE high rise skinnies and boots every day of the week.
Noticing: it’s taking forever to get back in the swing of things after the holidays. What day is it, again?
Knowing: 2014 is going to be a great year.
Thinking: it’s probably time to take down our tiny Christmas tree. But I don’t wanna!
Bookmarking80 gluten-free slow cooker recipes.
Opening: packages from the spoils of some post-holiday sales online shopping.
Giggling: at these hilarious (and adorable) dog shaming photos
Feeling: blessed.

Inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip!

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  1. 1.24.14

    Pink Flowers make me feel good : )

  2. 1.15.14

    Reblogged this on erica dias dot ME.

  3. 1.11.14

    I mean Love the flowers!

  4. 1.11.14

    Love the flowes!! It is so beautiful! Nice post! :D

  5. 1.11.14
    Devin said:

    Tito’s! Very very nice. For Christmas this year, we put some Tito’s in individual jars with two slices of apple and cinnamon and let it sit for a month. Just had some today and it was delicious! Recommend if you’re looking to mix it up. :)

  6. 1.11.14
    sydney said:

    I love when bloggers do posts like this, it’s such a simple way to convey a lot of what’s going on in your life. I’ll cross all my fingers and toes for a busy valentines day!!

  7. 1.11.14

    A great, positive post! Loving it!

  8. 1.10.14

    I’m right with you on the waiting and liking. I think you should do a post like this monthly!

  9. 1.10.14

    Wow – Keira your flower photography is genuinely gorgeous, and really charming – v happy to have stumbled across the site – will revisit every day when I need a little pick-me-up :)

    If you’re looking for some 2014 motivation, have a look at my site http://fitnessontoast.com thanks :)

  10. 1.10.14
    giuliasarablog said:


  11. 1.10.14

    Great post. We haven’t taken our tree down yet either. Skinnies and boots are just the perfect winter combo aren’t they. I’ll check out the gluten free slow cooker recipes, cheers!

  12. 1.10.14
    Juliane said:

    I love your post. This flower arrangement is so beautiful. I love the pink. You are very talented.
    Hope you are right with: ‘Knowing: 2014 is going to be a great year.’ Sounds good ;)
    And I totally agree with the point that everything has to come to daily routine. Mean the point: What day is it, again? I feel quite the same way. Hope it gets better soon.

    Have a nice day.

    xoxo Juliane