my newest hobby is all sewn up

This is the year I start my couture collection!

More likely, I’ll make some curtains and a sofa full of throw pillows; every Project Runway contestant has to start somewhere, right? ;-)

I was so excited to open a shiny new Singer sewing machine from my Mom on Christmas Eve. I’ve wanted to learn to sew for as long as I can remember… When my parents were young and on a tight budget, Mom made a lot of her clothes, both from scratch and altered pieces from consignment stores. I shopped for patterns with her when I was tiny, and thought that one day I’d make all of my outfits, too.

I’ve always loved creative things (I get it from my momma). Since I parlayed it into a career a few years ago — which I’m so grateful for — I’ve found that sometimes I just run out of fresh ideas for the shop. Trying new outlets that flex my right brain muscles and spark new inspiration helps refill the well, and makes me a better designer/merchandiser.

While I probably won’t be cranking out a wardrobe any time soon, I’m looking forward to setting up a little sewing space at home and getting started on some small projects!

If anyone has recommendations on resources for beginners, I would love to hear them. Sewing blogs, books, classes? Send ’em my way!

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  1. 2.4.14
    Da Balaya said:

    I am passionate about summer outfits and I really want to learn how to sew to make summer dress ! Will follow your sewer girl adventures !

  2. 1.19.14

    I am teaching myself fashion design, too! Have you tried I’m learning a lot from there. They have a lot of classes (some free, some not) that teach awesome techniques for beginners!

  3. 1.17.14
    Brynn said:

    I really love that you are interested in sewing some of your clothes! I used to sew costumes for my high school’s musicals and plays back in the day, and I loved it. I’ve always wanted to try sewing something for myself as well – my mom made all my pajamas when I was little and a ton of my clothes, too, which was so cool. I’d love to continue the tradition when I have a kiddo some day!

  4. 1.16.14
    cjgal said:

    Sewing is my love in life! I have made many of my own clothes, I like simple, easy to wear garments so I try to find straight forward patterns that won’t be fussy (aka easier to sew). Feel free to check out my blog for some ideas!

  5. 1.16.14

    I have always wanted to learn how to properly use a sewing machine! I bet you are gonna have a lot of fun with this! :-) xx

  6. 1.16.14
    Nish said:

    Ooh, what a lovely gift. I am a total newbie to sewing although my mom is very talented, I never thought to learn from her.

    This year, I am planning to purchase a sewing machine and try my hand at some simple stuff.

  7. 1.16.14
    nyssalang said:

    I just moved so am still waiting to bust out my sewing machine (still in it’s wrapping actually, eep). Used to love making cushions when I was a kid. Pinterest usually has loads of easy beginner tutorials, worth a checkout :)

  8. 1.16.14

    This blog is what I really needed. I’m planning to learn but I’m still having second thoughts about it. After reading this post, I’m 100% sure to learn.

  9. 1.15.14

    My last year’s New Year decision was to learn how to sew – today I cannot imagine life without my sewing machine, I can truly understand your happiness and excitement :)

    I recommend this site for sewing tips and fabrics, love them!


  10. 1.15.14

    I used to teach sewing classes in my design studio. Amy Butler’s In Stitches and Seams to Me by Anna Marie Horner where two of the books I used the most. Good Luck!! You’ll be making couture gowns in no time.

  11. 1.15.14

    Good for you. That’s awesome! You’ll have to post pictures! 😄

  12. 1.15.14

    I also opened up a Singer sewing machine from my mom on Christmas Eve! I’ve just played with it, but I’m looking forward to really learning how to use it. Can’t wait to see what you start with!

  13. 1.15.14

    I want to learn to sew too! Just have to bite the bullet and buy a machine. Have you heard of Natalie Chanin? She makes all sorts of beautiful handmade things.

  14. 1.15.14

    I’m also learning. Thankfully both my mum and sister are amazing (my sis was actually on the Australian Project Runway Season 2). Me on the other hand…can’t even loop a thread basically, I put my families name to shame :/

    But yes…this is my year!!!

  15. 1.15.14

    I just started sewing myself. Be sure to post some of the things that you make- I’d love to see!!

  16. 1.15.14
    jordarrah said:

    I know Joann fabrics offers classes that are affordable. Also Google is a God sent for project ideas! Good Luck! I hope to hear of all your adventures!

  17. 1.15.14

    Follow Loribind on Pinterest, I have a “stitch it” board full of tricks, tips and tutorials on sewing. Bias, gathering, basics. My board also has ideas of dresses I want to sew.
    I follow you!
    Have fun sewing

  18. 1.15.14
    missy said:

    Yay! I’m so excited to hear this (and feeling bad that I had so many opportunities to teach you a long time ago). Just start simple and practice a lot with cheap fabrics. Start out with easy to manage cottons and work your way up to more difficult fabrics. Don’t expect anything to come out right at first, but sometimes it will. JoAnns usually has classes, or you can look online. I learned a long time ago that you can’t short-cut on anything when it comes to sewing, you need to be very patient and detail-oriented, and always have a good seam-ripper (I end up using mine every project… still). Once you get into it, it will be very therapeutic and fulfilling. Good luck, looking forward to seeing your projects!!!

  19. 1.15.14
    Shonda said:

    All free sewing has a ton of projects :)

  20. 1.15.14

    Good luck with your new venture, you can find inspiration on our blog!

  21. 1.15.14
    allienonymous said:

    Making pillows or cozy cotton pajama bottoms are easy for beginners. I took an entry level Sewing class and that is what they had us start off with. I found this tutorial online >>>> maybe you will like it :)

  22. 1.15.14

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew but don’t have the resources yet. I’m excited to hear how your adventures in sewing go!