freshly cropped

clavicut with highlights

Chopping your hair is such a thing right now, isn’t it? I jumped on the bandwagon late last week, after I realized all those topknots and tortured ponytails weren’t a fashion statement; they were a rut. I needed a makeover.

So I waltzed in to my hair appointment Thursday afternoon and declared to my stylist that it was time to freshen things up with a good old fashioned chop, “up to here.” [Insert dramatic hand-gestures to communicate desired length, somewhere between chin and shoulders.] 

We agreed to compromise with a healthy three-inch snip. “We can always take more off later,” she reasoned. But when she finished, I asked her to lop off one more inch, which removed the last of my layers and left me with a long, one-length bob that falls to my collarbone. Hash tag: clavicut.

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39 thoughts on “freshly cropped

  1. Love your new cut! I’ve been growing mine out for the past 2 years and I plan to chop it off in April and donate it. I waver about whether I’m actually ready to do it or not, but seeing cute shoulder-length cuts really helps!

  2. I always get my hair cut to a bob length then decide to grow it out, until I realise that it’s not growing longer but curlier and then decide to get it cut again. I’ve been repeating this cycle for the last 3 years :|

  3. The new cut looks really good! And I’d rather have short hair that’s looking nice and healthy, than a long, untangled mane with lots of broken ends. I have a very hard time understanding girls who grow their hair very long and then refuse to cut it because they’re so proud of their achievement. It’s not an achievement because in all honesty, it looks awful! Therefore I welcome this new trend.

    1. It’s not! It’s naturally stick straight. I use a 1.5″ curling iron with Lush Sea Spray and lots of hair spray. I’m just getting used to a curling wand for smaller curls, but there’s definitely a learning curve ;)

  4. Cute Cut! I have a hair appointment to cut off some of my ridiculously grown out locks next week. I too am in the topknot/ponytail rut and am in desperate need of a healthy looking change.

  5. Love your new cut! I recently chopped my hair and I would do it all over again! It makes you feel like a brand new person!
    xo Jenna

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