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  3. How do I get that bike? Is beautiful!

    Posted 2.19.14 Reply
  4. Pink makes me feel ultra femme. I’m so glad I fell in love with the color after living only in shades of black.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

    Posted 2.16.14 Reply
  5. LOVE IT

    Posted 2.13.14 Reply
  6. Love your mood board :) Two of my favourite colours :D

    Posted 2.11.14 Reply
  7. brionyjm wrote:

    Eeeeee. Need the pink heels! : ) Love the mood board.
    B xoxox


    Posted 2.11.14 Reply
  8. delph wrote:

    Petit moment pub :p http://delbeauty.wordpress.com/

    Posted 2.11.14 Reply
  9. DevonMFunk wrote:

    Fave colour combo! :)

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  10. Kayla wrote:

    Thanks for the V-Day inspiration. I needed it!! Tonight I’m def copying those pink and red nails!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  11. Dayna wrote:

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    Spreading the pink and red love for Valentine’s Day! Kisses XOXO

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  12. I feel like this just encompassed all that is good and lovely about Valentine’s day photo. Except chocolate. Definitely need the chocolate.

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  13. So cute! This really got me in the whole Valentine’s day mood!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  14. divinemzm wrote:

    Love the mix of pink and red! http://www.divinemzm.com #valentine

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  15. ellastern wrote:

    loving it, awesome colors , so fresh! yes I agree, perfect for Valentine’s day!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  16. Amy wrote:

    prefect for v-day

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  17. gorgeous mood board and who doesn’t love a little pink and red this Valentine’s day week :)

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  18. hillarymcp wrote:

    Ah those pink and red heels are to die for! So gorg

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  19. Perfect for Valentines day!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  20. Love it!!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  21. toniegirl wrote:

    I love the mix of these two colors! Nice color blocking choices!!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  22. Pink puts me in such a good femenine mood, i love it!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply
  23. Loving the pink and red combo…. great heels!

    Posted 2.10.14 Reply


  • The only thing that would’ve made this @bonappetitmag ‘white pesto pasta’ better is if @lallimusic was in my kitchen when I made it. (I re-watched her video as I prepped, which was the next best thing.) Guys, I cannot overstate the seriousness of my obsession with the @bonappetitmag YouTube channel. Most of my bookmarks on my phone are videos of recipes I want to try, and I’m slowly making my way through ‘em; kind of like ‘Julie & Julia’ but with fewer live lobsters and a little less butter. 
#pastagram #bonappetit #carbcoma
  • Spotted this pretty blooming bush on our evening walk through the neighborhood. 
Doak got a little *too* close to the smell the flowers. 🤣
  • In today’s edition of #sundaybaking, I took on @bonappetitmag’s ‘best chocolate chip cookies’. I watched the video first — if you’re not following the @bonappetitmag YouTube channel, get on it! — then used the recipe from BA’s website to guide me through it. 
Crispy edges + a chewy center + brown butter + giant chunks of 70% dark chocolate = a pretty perfect cookie. 🍪
@moroccochris - I salute you. 
#chocolatechipcookies #bonappetit
  • Clearance vase jackpot at @pier1 this weekend. There are so many great colors and textures in all shapes and sizes from $10-30 with an extra 25% off. ⁣
This was the ultimate test of self-control for me...⁣
I bought 5.
  • Saturday errand style f/ two #styleonabudget favorites from last summer that are still going strong: this gingham ruffle cami I found on a clearance rack at @target + a rattan circle bag I bought for around $25 on @amazon. 
I’m killing the cost-per-wear game with these two. 😏 #whatiwore #ootd #summerstyle #stylefiles
  • 🍑