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  1. 3.3.14

    hey would u mind to do the questionnaire no7 concept product:https://www.quicksurveys.com/s/Xm59Qys

  2. 2.23.14

    Spring is around the corner. I am getting into the bright colors as well. Here in England we are still waiting for the sun…(long wait it will be)

  3. 2.21.14
    delph said:
  4. 2.20.14

    Loving the gold and the leaf saddles!

  5. 2.19.14

    Love kelly green, especially in home décor!

  6. 2.19.14

    Love the color combination , great job!

  7. 2.19.14
    rachelle said:

    Love it, green is easily my favorite color!

  8. 2.18.14
    eveningaccessories said:

    Love the gren. Its so refeshing.

  9. 2.18.14

    Reblogged this on imakemyownfashion and commented:
    What a gorgeous colour clash! Loving the yellow accessories hitting the shops this SS14!

  10. 2.18.14

    Love this!! The Celine is so lovely!
    xo Anastacia

  11. 2.18.14

    I love the last nail polish ** Kiss xx

  12. 2.18.14
    elkee said:


  13. 2.18.14
    elkee said:

    Although it would be completely impractical, it would be pretty coll if those green platform sandals were made of actual leaves.

  14. 2.18.14

    Fresh! Love this.

  15. 2.18.14
    maddieb said:

    Beautiful Celine bag

  16. 2.18.14

    love this green, nice post
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  17. 2.18.14

    Pretty mood board! Although green is – at least among my friends- not really a color people wear a lot, I like it. I was wondering, do you make all these pictures yourself? Anyway, nice post.

  18. 2.18.14
    zubi said:

    Reblogged this on Velvet Imagination and commented:
    Shades of Green!

  19. 2.18.14

    Gorgeous Emerald hues

  20. 2.17.14
    LucyBre said:

    love the celine bag and green dress ;)

  21. 2.17.14
    stefik12 said:


  22. 2.17.14
    Maria said:

    The Celine is great-great colour pick, I can’t wait to buy one!

    Maria x


  23. 2.17.14

    great color combination!

  24. 2.17.14

    What brand are those sandals? Gorgeous!

  25. 2.17.14

    Such great shades of green! :-) xx


  26. 2.17.14

    Love the green Dooney & Bourke satchel! Unique and colorful.. Fun bag that I just wish could be mine. Cute post!

  27. 2.17.14

    love these color combinations!

  28. 2.17.14

    Last year I discovered how much I loved green, cute board!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  29. 2.17.14
    lucandrob said:

    love this green!!! so fresh and sunny!

  30. 2.17.14

    Hurry up Spring!!