Oh you fancy, huh?

A Pretty Penny | Red and Black Event Floral Design

We so rarely get dressed up these days; such occasions really must be documented.

Last night C and I put on our finest and headed downtown for a community gala. After spending the last several days working on the flowers for the event — and a good chunk of the afternoon setting up the hall — it was nice to see our design vision in action while enjoying a few cocktails and some good food.

Once upon a time when my career was of the power-networking, party-attending, marketing-PR’ing persuasion, I wore cocktail dresses more often than jeans and would’ve sworn under oath that heels were more comfortable than flats. Some days I look back at that fancy girl and don’t recognize her. It’s nice to reincarnate her every now and then; as long as I can go back to my trusty t-shirts and flats the next morning.

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  1. maireynoso wrote:

    YOU BOTH LOOK STUNNING. . If you have a minute visit my blog, new post up today!



    Posted 2.24.14 Reply
  2. love your blog <3

    Posted 2.24.14 Reply
  3. amandaoboe wrote:
    Posted 2.23.14 Reply
  4. You’re such a gorgeous doll!
    And those flowers are beautiful. You must love what you do!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

    Posted 2.23.14 Reply
  5. Lovely look! Dressing up can become a chore and lose its charm when it’s a part of your career, but it definitely becomes exciting again when it’s for fun and for you.

    Posted 2.23.14 Reply
  6. Chiara wrote:

    So pretty, both you and the flowers!

    Posted 2.23.14 Reply
  7. those flowers are amazing :) and you look so gorgeous :D

    Posted 2.22.14 Reply
  8. belle2000 wrote:

    you look fabulous,stunning,gorg.LYLAS

    Posted 2.22.14 Reply
  9. donnamh92 wrote:

    Those flowers are beautiful!

    Posted 2.22.14 Reply
  10. Beautiful! Since I started working from home (8 months ago) I haven’t worn heels or anything that would resemble business attire. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. And yes, I do like wearing my flats more now ;)

    Posted 2.21.14 Reply
  11. Portia wrote:

    I love your style Kiera. How do you find time to shop though with such a busy life?

    Posted 2.21.14 Reply
  12. Carolina J wrote:

    You are Beautiful either way ,I love your blog ,its makes me smile ,keep
    doing just what you are doing its what people look forward to.
    Blessings C.J.

    Posted 2.21.14 Reply
  13. Posted 2.21.14 Reply
  14. Reblogged this on MJTMB.

    Posted 2.21.14 Reply
  15. Amy wrote:

    you look stunning

    Posted 2.21.14 Reply
  16. rhiannon wrote:
    Posted 2.21.14 Reply