Window Dressing With Paper Flowers

A Pretty Penny | Window Dressing With Paper Flowers

Inspiration: Flourish

Yesterday afternoon was rainy and quiet around the shop. It was the first mellow day since the first of the month, so after sending my staff home early for some much-deserved R&R, I searched out some happy music on Spotify and got to work springifying the place.

These paper flowers were so simple to make!

I used assorted scrapbook paper and cut out petal shapes of different sizes. I folded the petals accordion-style, and attached them* to a small square of cardboard for support. For each flower, I put the largest petals on the bottom, then layered the smaller petals on top of each other to build a 3-D bloom. I used textured craft paper (recycled shipping packaging from my Valentine’s vases) for the centers.

I hope to find time to make more for filling up the front window and scattering around the shop.

* A hot glue gun is probably ideal for this project. I didn’t want to fuss with the mess, so I used shipping tape and a heavy duty floral sticky-tack and they held up really well.

Check out my previous window projects: Paper Poms and Ribbon Curtain.

UPDATE: Remember how I said I put these together with shipping tape and sticky tack? Yeah, don’t do that. Especially if you’re putting them in a window; those particular adhesives just can’t hold up to the sunshine. I had to remake the largest flowers with a glue gun after an unfortunate petal-falling catastrophe. So just use a glue gun, k?

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  1. 8.3.15

    So pretty, can’t wait to try it out!

  2. 4.20.15

    so cute, I will try to create it haha :)

  3. 2.25.15

    Great post! I love paper flowers…they never wilt ; )

  4. 3.4.14
    Lili said:

    Beautiful! I’d love to do something similar for my home. It’s not winter anymore but it isn’t spring yet. I need something to cheer me up because it’s kinda boring outside…

  5. 3.3.14

    these are beautiful. I can’t wait to make them! Thank you!

  6. 3.2.14

    Wows!! So beautiful!!

  7. 2.28.14

    Please read my blog and comment and tell me what you think please

  8. 2.27.14

    These are soo cute and clever!!!!

  9. 2.27.14
    pearl jolly/pretty mayhem said:

    These paper flowers are so adorable. They’d be a great way to decorate a table for a spring themed dinner party too.

  10. 2.27.14
    Kristen said:

    These are great. I could definitely use them to dress up my classroom. :)

  11. 2.27.14
    rhiannon said:

    so cute! what a great idea!