Happiness is: a big ol’ pom-pom sweater and leggings.

I snapped this photo on my way to the shop early Saturday morning. When I have to schlep my haggard behind to work on weekends, I like to throw on easy outfits that can transition to cozy nap-wear without a hitch.

Speaking of naps, I’d like about a dozen of them.

I’m feeling the burnout hard this week. Things are slowing down to a normal pace after a demanding February, but after spending the last month in productivity high gear, I’m having a difficult time down-shifting. I just want to sputter out and stall. In my sweatpants. With a pint (or three) of gelato and a Netflix marathon.

Hurry, weekend!


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  1. 3.20.14

    I love this watch! *-*

  2. 3.11.14
    patty said:

    I love your watch! I like the casual look.


  3. 3.10.14

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  4. 3.8.14
    amanda said:

    I need to know more about this watch… :)

    • 3.9.14

      It’s a Nixon Kensington :-) I bought it last year and I love it so much!

  5. 3.8.14

    Reblogged this on Ma fashion little place <3.

  6. 3.8.14

    Very cute and comfy outfit! We have very similar taste! If you want, feel free to check out my website! :)


  7. 3.7.14
    zubi said:


  8. 3.7.14

    Reblogged this on Melisa Bianciotti.

  9. 3.7.14
    rosario said:

    Nothing more comfortable then a loose sweater paired with leggings.

  10. 3.7.14

    nice watch

  11. 3.6.14
    Amy said:

    cute outfit

  12. 3.6.14
    Carolina E said:

    I love the ten beauty cheats every girl should know .I will apply these to
    my life .Thanks and Blessings