monday mood board | 05

This week: Oh, my darling, clementine!

clementine print | Rachel Zoe Scarlett flats | orange lips | hydrangea + clementines | darling clementine print | Fossil Cecile watch | orange tutu | floral design | Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch | Camille Styles Cucumber-Clementine Salsa | Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC | Sea of Shoes orange coat | Late Afternoon orange leather dress | citrus print street style | Atlantic-Pacific dress and bike

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  1. 3.13.14
    Deepa said:

    Reblogged this on MY DIY CORNER.

  2. 3.12.14

    I absolutely love the lips and the tutu/skirt. I would absolutely buy this too! I just love the theme here!

  3. 3.12.14
    christyw said:

    Very nice moodboard, here’s a nice blog you might like and inspire you: Let me know what you think :)

  4. 3.12.14

    i like the mood board series

  5. 3.12.14
    zubi said:

    Tangy orange! I love it! :)

  6. 3.11.14

    The idea of weekly inspirational boards is great, something I may want to incorporate into my blog eventually. This one is perfect to get you ready for warm weather!

  7. 3.11.14

    Love this!! So inspiring for summer. I am really inspired by bright citrus colors lately too!

  8. 3.11.14

    Reblogged this on this brunette loves coffee and commented:
    I’m obsessed with A Pretty Penny’s clementine mood board! I just had to re-share.

  9. 3.10.14

    I love this! I’m not normally an orange enthusiast, but this whole board makes me happy.

  10. 3.10.14

    Now I feel very spring-like! Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. 3.10.14
    Carolina E said:

    Beautiful colors makes you smile!!!

  12. 3.10.14

    Fresh colour, perfect for Spring! Love those sandals.

    Lindsay xx

  13. 3.10.14

    Loving orange at the moment! Lovely pics!

  14. 3.10.14

    Gorgeous! Who knew that color could be so pretty!?!

  15. 3.10.14

    Beauteous! and much needed on a Monday! :) Cortneybre…

  16. 3.10.14

    I love orange colour for spring!

  17. 3.10.14

    You have single handedly cured my rather odd and unfounded but very strong dislike of orange. Mixed with other bright colours and gold, these orange items are rather lovely.

  18. 3.10.14

    Love everything about this! xx

  19. 3.10.14
    KatWalkSF said:

    Obsessed with the colors! So inspired to wear some color today now!

  20. 3.10.14

    Reblogged this on Lost Things and commented:
    One of my favourite colours, finally back in season!

  21. 3.10.14
    Amy said:

    loving all the orange

  22. 3.10.14
    Sophie said:

    So pretty!! :)

  23. 3.10.14

    Loving that bright lipstick! #Need

  24. 3.10.14

    Such a great selection of inspiration!