overalls, all grown up.

Coveralls, bibs, dungarees; whatever you call ’em, you probably either love ’em or hate ’em. I’m in the overall enthusiast camp; probably because I grew up in the 90’s and spent most of my childhood buckled up in their comfy, practical awesomeness.

This spring, a great pair of stylish grown-lady coveralls is on my wish list. I think they’d be perfect for running around the flower shop with cute sneakers and a tee, or on girls night with a black crop top — just a peek of skin on the sides — and simple heels. I’m looking for a slimmer fit in dark denim, like these Black Orchid Skinny Overalls or the Current Elliot Ranch Hand Overalls.

Of course, I’m hoping to find something much more budget friendly. I’ll keep you posted on that quest.

These ladies know how to make overalls appropriate beyond the playground (from left to right): Alexa Chung’s airport style; Street style in stilettos and a sleek coat; Elaine Welteroth in black overalls and chambray; Tuula Vintage in a simple striped tee; Where Did U Get That in a white tank and statement necklace; Crop top perfection; Tuula Vintage again in a jeweled tee; Alexa Chung again in a printed button-down; and Atlantic-Pacific in Current Elliot.

You can find more of my style inspiration on Pinterest!

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  1. Reblogged this on colorstrutting and commented:
    Overalls! This is a true throwback that is suddenly resurfacing the fashion industry. Even though allot of grown-ups are now wearing them, it looks just as trendy as any other piece of clothing! This is a really great post!

    Posted 8.10.14 Reply
  2. Overall shorts are better, crop top underneath and some bright lipstick will get rid of the fact they are not the most feminine item.

    Posted 4.18.14 Reply
  3. salona622 wrote:

    Reblogged this on Salona's Blog.

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
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    Posted 3.18.14 Reply
  5. sa.vor wrote:

    These pictures are great inspiration! Tackling overalls is one of my goals this spring!

    Posted 3.18.14 Reply
  6. I need me a pair of overalls and I need em now

    Posted 3.16.14 Reply
  7. budgetsai wrote:

    I need to get a pair! Love this post!

    Posted 3.13.14 Reply
  8. angiedma wrote:

    Reblogged this on Angie's Blog and commented:
    I sence a new fashion trend coming.. Me like !

    Posted 3.13.14 Reply
  9. oohloula wrote:

    Trying to work up the courage to buy something like these. Just don’t think my body proportions are right for it though. I have such long legs but a short torso I’m worried it would just accentuate that!

    But great post!
    Em x


    Posted 3.13.14 Reply
  10. Me encanta! Queda genial con todas las combinaciones.Necesito uno ya!

    Posted 3.13.14 Reply
  11. Reblogged this on livunconventional.

    Posted 3.13.14 Reply
  12. ccalla23 wrote:

    Perfect laid back look. Welcoming it back with open arms!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  13. so cute!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  14. Leeja wrote:

    Also seriously keep us posted when something cheaper and fashionable comes around. Until then you’ll find me digging through the denim at goodwill!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
    • Thrift stores are probably an excellent option for finding a great pair! A couple of other commenters mentioned vintage overalls, which just sound amazing.

      Posted 3.12.14 Reply
      • Leeja wrote:

        Omg I bet they would be so broken in and lovely! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled, thanks!

        Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  15. Leeja wrote:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I love it was functional clothing becomes stylish again! Definitely getting a pair for my spring wardrobe! (if spring ever gets here, that is! :)

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  16. I love overalls! Everyone else tell me I look like geek wearing them! But I know they are just jalous! 😋😁✌️

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  17. Megan Hale wrote:

    I love denim overalls! I recently bought a pair of short denim overalls. I can’t wait to rock them!! 90’s ALL THE WAY!!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  18. Oyin wrote:

    The best line ever! “buckled up in their comfy, practical awesomeness” I love it! and it’s so so true! I am a big lover of practical and functional fashion styles. It should be stylish and comfortable allowing you actually enjoy the outfit. Really like outfit no5. Hello summer anyone! :)

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  19. Wait, what?!? Overalls are back in fashion? That’s possibly the best news I’ve heard today! (Keep in mind the day’s not over yet though.) I’m going to have to get right on that. I loved wearing overalls when I was a teen!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  20. vestitini wrote:

    I love this moodboard

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  21. Cute!! Now I want a pair of overalls!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  22. Melanie wrote:

    Looks like I’m one of the few in the “hate em” camp. I saw a picture of Miranda Kerr wearing overalls the other day and felt a sense of dread creep up and though, “oh, god, no. Why are these coming back?” Haha

    Melanie @ UnraveledThreads

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  23. ellastern wrote:

    They look absolutely amazing! Kind of bringing the comfy and the fashionable look all in one back together! Recently bought one in Zara , they have loads right now in many different styles, so anyone who’s planning to get back to old school again – check out Zara :)

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  24. I have several pairs of vintage overalls in my collection. I’m thrilled that they are coming back! I love anything that has several pockets, I guess I’m secretly a tiny items hoarder. :)

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
    • “tiny items hoarder” made me giggle :)

      Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  25. You really do have amazing hair!


    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  26. You made this look so good !


    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  27. lucandrob wrote:

    I have several overalls, will wear them more often this summer!


    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  28. I love overalls! Especially overall shorts and must have for summer!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  29. christyw wrote:

    Oh, they look great, have to get one :)

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  30. I absolutely love this! Looking forward to buy a vintage pair before my trip to New York in april!

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  31. Yes yes yes! Love it. Do you think hey would suit pear shapes?

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
    • I sure hope so! I’m a petite pear myself. I think a slim straight leg will work best.

      Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  32. Reblogged this on haitianbarbiek.

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  33. I’ve always loved overalls! I’m glad they’re back in fashion.

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  34. Amy wrote:

    I haven’t worn overhalls in years

    Posted 3.12.14 Reply
  35. Posted 3.12.14 Reply


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