taking stock | 04

Making : room in my schedule for more “me time.”
Cooking : lots of salmon lately.
Drinking : home-brewed Tazo iced green tea with lemon.
Reading: Emma by Jane Austen. I just finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn after half a dozen starts-and-stops, and loved it!
Wanting: a weekend beach getaway.
Looking: for the perfect pair of overalls.
Playing: my old John Legend Get Lifted CD.
Wasting: hours watching House of Cards on Netflix.
Wishing: I had an Anthropologie designer to help with my spring window displays at the flower shop.
Enjoying: daylight savings, now that I’m adjusted to the time change.
Waiting: for a nice neighbor to move into the empty space next to the shop, so I can stop sweating a possible relocation for a while.
Liking: clean, manicured nails with a coat of clear polish.
Wondering: if I should give my hair a good healthy chop.
Loving: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate. I read about the paraben-free multitasking moisturizer on Emily Weiss’ Top Shelf, and found it on Hautelook a week later.
Hoping: for some good quality time with my  girlfriends soon. We’re seriously overdue, ladies.
Marvelling: at the loveliness of spring —  the weather, the flowers, the fresh starts…
Needing: to start or join a book swapping club; I’m nearing hoarder territory and need some fresh reads.
Smelling: the first blooms of spring (achoo!).
Wearing: my Brian Atwood flats, like, errday.
Noticing: more gray eyebrow hairs, which is troubling.
Knowing: that change is the only constant in life, and trying to learn to roll with it.
Thinking: this HuffPo list of 16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People sums me up to a T.
Opening: all the doors and windows at home to let the spring air in.
Giggling: at this cupcake-loving future debate club president.
Feeling: content.

Inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip!

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  1. 3.27.14

    Reblogged this on .

  2. 3.23.14

    I really like this, do you mind if I use it too?

    • 3.24.14

      Please do! I got it from thedaybookblog.com myself :-)

  3. 3.22.14
  4. 3.21.14
    Scarleth said:

    Hello! I have nominated you for “Shine On and Versatile Blogger Award” please follow the link for more info http://helloscar.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/shine-on-versatile-blogger-awards/ Congratulations!!!

  5. 3.19.14

    love this list. It is nice to sit down and take stock every so often. Thank you for sharing it. I think I will open the doors and windows and schedule a night out with my girlfriends.
    And try the Tazo berryblossomwhite. It is my favorite.

  6. 3.19.14
    Amy said:

    great post

  7. 3.19.14

    Love the list! think i’m getting inspired to do one of my own :) Huff Post list is so me too!

  8. 3.19.14

    Love the list ! I just gave my hair a good healthy chop and it was liberating ! Always a sign of positive change I think

  9. 3.18.14

    I love that you were inspired by Sydney, because she has one of my favorite blogs!
    I am desperate for a good chop as well but very hesitant. I fear having hair regrets (which are the worst kind of regrets).

  10. 3.18.14

    Love the list! I’ve been dying for a beach getaway as well! :)

  11. 3.18.14
    Valerie said:

    If you’re looking to swap books, you could always check out paperbackswap.com It’s a book swapping website. Also, totally agree with you about opening the windows and such before it gets to hot.

    • 3.18.14

      Thank you so much for this book swapping link, Valerie! I’m totally going to check the out!