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For the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’m in this weird state of flux; I don’t know what that even means exactly, except that there’s a whole lot happening over here and I’m trying to keep up with the ebb and flow as gracefully as possible. I would love to tell you that I’m a go-with-the-flow effortless adapter, but the truth is, change — especially the kind that’s out of my control — just ain’t my bag, baby.

We said an unexpected farewell to a valued employee last week who took an opportunity she couldn’t refuse, which threw me into a bit of a tailspin as I put the kibosh on {much-needed} April vacation plans with C, searched for an immediate replacement, and got to work training someone new during one of our busiest times of the year. All the while, our building is still for sale and we’re wishing on all our lucky stars/pennies/other-superstitious-talismans that someone will sign a longterm lease on the empty space next door so we can take that unknown off our plate for a while.

Oh, and taxes.

So. I’ve been doing what any woman in a mini-funk would do:

Spending extra time with my amazing friends, who patiently listen to my woes, offer up solid advice, and make me laugh until I forget my worries for a while.

Hoarding bargain bin coming-of-age fiction books and devouring them in my quiet time. For some reason, reading about some flailing adolescent girl dramatically careening into womanhood always makes me feel better about my situation.

Soaking up as much sunshine as possible.

Hitting up art festivals, farmers markets, and anything else that can get me outside for a bit.

Slam-nomming fancy cheese and dark chocolate.

Contemplating a drastic haircut. {Like this one?}

Listening to my mother try to talk me out of a drastic haircut.

Losing myself in Netflix marathons; currently House of Cards and old seasons of Ally McBeal.

Matching my outfits to my favorite flowers. Just kidding, that was a happy coincidence (top left).

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  1. 4.10.14

    I love house of cards. So addicting!

  2. 4.8.14
    rosaalyn said:

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  3. 4.4.14

    Love love love how you had so many different size photos but there was the reoccurring floral pattern in all of them. love this.

    xx Ken

  4. 4.4.14
    Winona said:

    Haha yep sounds like me at the moment too. Wedding planning.. Super fun, but super stressful. Good luck with it all! :)

  5. 3.30.14

    Yikes! It sounds like you have a ton of stuff going on! Wishing you happy times ahead. P.S. love those flats!

  6. 3.28.14

    First off, that haircut is amazing and you should definitely do it! Plus short hair is in right now.
    I recently had to cancel vacation plans because of my schedule, so I feel you there. Hopefully you can reschedule and things will get back to normal soon. Good luck, lady!

    • 3.31.14

      Oh man. You have no idea how tempted I am to march to my stylist with that photo…

      Hope we both get the vacays we deserve soon!

  7. 3.28.14
    Amy said:

    great pictures.

  8. 3.28.14

    When I feel things over here are out of control, I basically tick off everything on your list. Sometimes I feel by doing all these things I am avoiding the issue at hand but if I didn’t there is no way I would be able to cope! Hope things start spinning at the normal rate soon! x

    • 3.31.14

      Sometimes I think it’s totally okay to check out and allow yourself some healthy distractions!

      • 3.31.14

        Oh definitely! And if that distraction happens to come in the form of something tasty or pretty all the better! I also find I want to do drastic things to my hair whenever I feel I don’t have control over anything else! Hair grows after all! X

  9. 3.27.14

    So cute!

  10. 3.27.14
    robesmode said:

    you are so beautiful!! love ur pictures~

  11. 3.27.14
    Jess said:

    Fanatic post! My life has been all over the place lately and I love your keep-your-shit-together ideas :) I’ve been nom-slamming and over-buying…but it looks like I need to just slow down and gobble up some quality time with my people. Xo!

    • 3.31.14

      Haha, you have no idea how much I want to change the title of this post to, “My keep-your-shit-together list.”

      As a fellow emotional eater/shopper, I definitely recommend booking some dates with your people. It’s less expensive ;)

  12. 3.27.14

    you are beautiful

    • 3.27.14
      Pam said:

      You are so beautiful you can wear your hair any way you want!

  13. 3.27.14

    Nice collage of pictures. I love the flowers.
    Also, let me tell you that it has been quite a productive time watching House of Cards. I also went through a Marathon of it last weekend and just finished it… great great show.

    • 3.31.14

      Isn’t it fantastic?! I’m halfway through season two because I’m trying to savor it… but I think I’ll go back and watch them all over again when I’m done.

      Also, counting down to season 2 of Orange is the New Black.

  14. 3.27.14

    Love everything about this, especially the saying on the chalkboard! Definitely saving it as a reminder
    XO, EE

  15. 3.27.14

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  16. 3.27.14

    Such cute shoes and lovey flowers.

  17. 3.27.14

    Love all the photos!

  18. 3.27.14

    Love this blog! Hang in there, this season will pass and if you ever need someone to slam fancy cheese and dark chocolate with, give me a call, chocolate is my therapy!

  19. 3.27.14
    Batter said:

    Thanks for sharing that quote about good manners, I needed to hear that today! I work in retail and had an encounter with a particularly mean customer yesterday that left my blood boiling and me wondering why I didn’t dish back what he was giving out. I’ll keep this is mind for the next time.

    I hope things settle down soon and that the busy spring season goes well.

    • 3.31.14

      Oh, customer service. 90 percent of the time I love working with the public, but every now and then you get someone that you can’t please no matter how hard you try. And I’ll never understand people that use nastiness to try to gain an upper hand in a situation. Retail.

  20. 3.27.14
    vestitini said:

    nice moodboard! ;)

  21. 3.27.14

    I ditto thinklovemakeup’s comment good luck :)
    I disagree about the sign though… I simply choose to say buh-bye to those ill mannered individuals I don’t need to put up with anything. I have better ways to spend my time :) oh and love the scarf <3

  22. 3.27.14

    Nice post!

    I was initially drawn in by the chalkboard picture. That sentiment has been pushed at me a lot over the last few weeks. ( I manage a Real Estate Office, and realtors have VERY bad manners).

    Also… I netflixed every Ally McBeal episode last down-time I had a down episode.

    I think I will pick up a guilty read on my lunch break today. I haven’t done that in awhile, and hopefully I ‘ll be able to go outside to read a bit of it.

    Here’s to getting rid of our funks….Thank you for sharing

    • 3.31.14

      Nothing cheers me up like an Ally marathon! Hope you got some time to enjoy a book in the sunshine this weekend.

  23. 3.27.14

    good luck with all the uncontrollable factors… some times life has a way of piling it all on at once. I loved the manners sign x Steph