pardon the interruption


We’ll be back soon! If we survive this week, that is. We’re halfway through, but the fun really begins tomorrow.

Here’s a cute Doak placeholder to take us through the rest of the week.

Have a good one! And drink a cocktail or three for me over the next few days.

What Do You Think?

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  1. V wrote:

    How cute!

    Posted 4.7.14 Reply
  2. PoshPedlar wrote:

    What a happy puppy! What type of dog is he? Our dog Pedro looks so similar, but he’s a rescue pup, we have no idea what he is!

    Posted 4.7.14 Reply
  3. vip032t45t wrote:

    I love your pet excellent blog greetings.

    Posted 4.6.14 Reply
  4. Juliane wrote:

    Hi Keira,
    hope you’re fine and you’ve survived! What kind of cocktail do you have in mind? Any favourite? I’ll drink a few for you ;) Wish you a very nice week!
    xoxo Juliane

    Posted 4.6.14 Reply
  5. ienimienie wrote:

    i like the dog ☺

    Posted 4.5.14 Reply
  6. Funny dog :D Discover the new trends spring summer 2014 on ;D

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
  7. Jess wrote:

    What a little sweetie!!

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  8. :”)


    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  9. Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  10. Amy wrote:

    your puppy dog is super cute.

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  11. Carolina E wrote:

    Pretty pup!!

    Posted 4.2.14 Reply