stick a fork in it.

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Reporting live from my back patio. In the jeans I’ve worn for at least 5 of the previous 9 calendar days. Eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Trying to form coherent sentences. Coming up short. 

Y’all. I am so tired. That’s pronounced “tarred,” bee-tee-dubs, which is the extreme southern version of plain ol’ tuckered out exhaustion.

I’m going on record (the record being this blog because no one else cares) to say that the last seven days have been some of the most challenging of my short floral career. Not the worst, mind you, but nonetheless difficult. With the help of my godsend of a new employee, we powered through two events, a wedding, a prom and a basket full of everyday orders. All told we designed and delivered nearly 150 pieces.

Just the two of us.

It was equal parts exhausting and exhilarating to finish all that work on our own, but I think I can speak for both of us when I say we’re in no hurry to try it again.

I’m settling back into a normal routine this week, and trying not to panic at the sight of Mother’s Day just a few rows away on my calendar…

Anyone want to come work at a flower shop? ;-)

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  1. 5.14.14

    Love your blog! I really enjoy your “realness” :)

  2. 4.20.14

    I’d definitely be down to work at a flower shop! :P All seriousness though, great work on the 150 orders! That’s super impressive! :)

    I hope things get a little more relaxing now that the Easter holidays are almost through.

  3. 4.12.14
    Sandi Bates said:

    Love your blog! You’re a gifted writer, as well as a gifted flower lady! Btw, the flowers you did for Lisa and Steven’s anniversary were over the top GORGEOUS! Truly breathtaking!

    • 4.12.14

      Thank you so much, Sandi! Your sweet comments always make my day! :)

  4. 4.11.14
    daniella said:

    Love the color on your toes!

  5. 4.11.14

    Obsessed with ripped jeans too :D Amazing

  6. 4.10.14

    I am so glad to hear that someone eats peanut butter right out of the jar when they are too exhausted to make real food. “Tarred” is when you can’t even spread that pb on bread to make a sandwich!

    Just started following your blog and I love seeing someone else that is in pursuit of their dreams, even if it means work work work.

    • 4.12.14

      Haha, you know you have problems when you can’t even muster the strength to drag a butter knife across some bread! ;) Thank you for following and for the encouragement.

  7. 4.10.14

    Wow, that made me tired just reading it. I imagine owning a business is difficult and hard, very hard work, but I bet you feel more fulfilled than if you were sitting at a desk job mindlessly doing your work that you don’t like <—that's me. I'm a fairly new reader and I've done some snooping and the arrangements you make are just gorgeous! Pick out a nice reward for yourself for a job well done…hello bottle of wine?!…and make it good enough to get you through Mother's Day!

    P.S. If I lived closer I would totally ask if I could learn the ropes, volunteer, because I've always wanted to work with flowers. :)

  8. 4.10.14

    Good job on the perseverance it took to get to this point! Don’t forget to reward yourself for doing an excellent job :)

    • 4.12.14

      Thank you! There have been many celebratory chocolate bars.

  9. 4.10.14

    I would LOVE to work at your flower shop. Barring a ten month old baby, and a few thousand miles across the pond, that is. In another lifetime :)

  10. 4.10.14

    I would love to work at your flower shop!

  11. 4.10.14

    Wearing the jeans for 3 consecutive days surely indicates, that you know what it takes to get that ‘one ‘ thing

  12. 4.10.14

    Love your jeans!!

  13. 4.10.14
    Mariana said:

    Love those jeans! Have cut mine as well in order to give new life to it ;)

  14. 4.10.14
    Amy said:

    I hope you can get some you time in to relax some more.

  15. 4.10.14

    I’d love to, except that means moving half way around the world! Comfy jeans are a must when you’re knackered, and it sounds like you have a great excuse!

  16. 4.10.14
    Juliane said:

    Hi Keira, nice to hear that you’ve overcome the stress and managed all so well. I hope you can relax now and brace your energies. Enjoy the Peanut Butter ;)

    xoxo Juliane

  17. 4.10.14
    lucandrob said:

    you will do it! wih you all the best!

  18. 4.10.14

    We care! Cant want to see the pictures of the finished product!

  19. 4.9.14
    Scarleth said:

    I totally understand you! I’ve been wearing the same tee since last Friday, it’s just so comfy… It will get bettter!

    • 4.12.14

      Sometimes I think favorite pieces are like adult versions of security blankets ;) If you love that tee, wear it, girl!

  20. 4.9.14
    Traci said:

    You’ll get through this crazy time! In other news, I have also worn a single pair of jeans for the past …at LEAST that many days. Busy people need passable jeans, I guess that’s our lesson! :]

    • 4.12.14

      A good pair of jeans is a girl’s most reliable friend ;)

  21. 4.9.14
    Melissa said:

    I’ll gladly move to FL if you’ll show me the ropes @ the shop. ☺️