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These days I’m really into healthy skin and minimal makeup. My face is at its best with a super simple routine; the more I experiment with products the more aggravated my combination-dry sensitive skin becomes. When it’s angry, it rebels in the worst ways: flakiness, redness, and cystic acne breakouts that leave discoloration behind for weeks.

So for now, I’m skipping the harsh chemicals and anti-aging formulas in favor of gentle, natural products… with high hopes that lots of moisturizer and SPF will guarantee good skin for the long-haul. It worked for my grandmother, so fingers crossed.

Keep reading for a long-winded breakdown of my current short-list routine!


  • Aubrey Organics Facial Cleansing Cream – (recently repackaged) I’m really lazy about washing my face at night. I love this gentle cream cleanser — which I stumbled upon in a local health store — because I can massage a handful of it right onto my dry skin at the end of the day and quickly dissolve every speck of makeup, sunscreen, and oil. I remove it with a warm clean washcloth or a Simone France cleansing cloth. It leaves my skin clean, soft and lightly hydrated; on the nights I’m really not feeling it (which is most nights) I can skip moisturizer all together and crawl straight into bed.
  • Alba Botanica Good & Clean Toxin Release Scrub – Most mornings I skip washing my face; I splash it with cool water and go right to moisturizer. But a few times a week, I exfoliate with this gentle natural scrub while I’m in the shower and it keeps any dryness or flakiness at bay.


  • Sweet Almond Oil – I’m all about organic oils for cosmetic purposes; I could and should write a separate blog post about all the oils I use on the daily from head-to-toe. Sweet almond oil is really light and non-comodogenic, so it absorbs quickly and doesn’t clog pores. I use a few drops on my face and neck, morning and night before applying moisturizer.
  • Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè – I first read about this multi-tasker on my beauty bible, Into the Gloss, and found it for half-off on Hautelook shortly after. It’s a triple-threat — primer, moisturizer and makeup remover — and I slather it on over the sweet almond oil in the morning. It keeps my skin moisturized and glowy all day under tinted moisturizer or SPF.


  • Simone France Complexion Perfection & Instant Radiance Masks – I try to make time once a week for a mask treatment, but it doesn’t always happen. Simone France masks are my favorite; both of these are tightening and give pores a deep cleansing, but Instant Radiance has salicylic acid and citric acid that really gets in there for extra exfoliation. I love using these just before applying makeup for a special occasion, they really prep the skin and make it a bright and smooth canvas for foundation and powders.


Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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  • Reblogged this on Fotos by Franzi Photography and commented:
    I have really grown a liking for “A Pretty Penny” blog. Keira is from Florida and has many series about beauty, fashion, and interior design. She takes complicated tasks such as a routine skincare and makes it simple and easy to understand. Her sense of simplification makes things less overwhelming when you go to the store to purchase your products. For me, Keira’s perspective is amazing. I am not the girliest of girls but I like to take care of myself. I don’t wear a lot of make-up if any at all so I don’t feel washing my face daily is necessary but it is because your face encounters dirt and grime all day and needs to be washed off before bed. Nothing is prettier than a healthy glow so start your skincare routine today! Leave me some suggestions or comments below on what to try.

  • I love this post and that all the products are so natural! I’ve never thought of putting oil on my face but with such a great review I’m going to pick up some almond oil next time I go to the health food store and give it a try. Thanks for the tips!

  • This is such a good routine and I’m so jealous that I live in the UK so can’t get most of these products! :-(
    I suffered from really bad achne and actually had to go one one of the strongest tablets you can get, roaccutaine, to try and make it better.

    It was very traumatic and now my skin is left feeling in a similar condition to yours! Lots of dry patches but also some oily ones. Such a battle. I’ll have to try to find similar things!


    • Definitely give a natural routine a try! I think the gentler the better, especially when your skin is in transition. I love creamy cleansers (the lathering agents in soaps can be really drying, causing more irritation.)

  • Thank you for the post. It is even great reading through the comments:) What are your thoughts on retinol? My dermatologist mentioned using coconut oil, but I felt it clogged my pores.

    • I have friends who’ve had great success with Retinol! It’s a little harsh for me right now; I’m trying to go the gentle low-chemical route for as long as possible. As for coconut oil, I love it for removing eye makeup and as a body moisturizer, but I avoid it for my face. It’s comodogenic and can definitely clog your pores.

  • Have you tried creating your own cleansers/face masks? oatmeal or egg whites are so good! I like to keep my facial stuff simple and organic! If I wouldn’t drink/eat it, i dont make my skin eat/drink it! loving this post! xx

      • I do them separately, for oatmeal I mix a packet of instant oats with 1/4 cup of water and some brown sugar and cinnamon. Then just apply it.

        With the egg whites I literally just whip egg white and apply it.

        Both are good for tightening pores! Xx

  • I’m sure I don’t take nearly enough care of my skin but a fave celeb of mine once said that even if she rolls in at the break of dawn, she always cleans her face before crawling into bed. I’ve lived by that – mostly to avoid raccoon eyes in the morning but also because I like smooth skin. Your regime seems super easy to follow. Does it change much when you travel or no?

    • This is such a good rule of thumb; and something I’m really trying to get better at myself.

      My routine stays the same when I’m away from home. I have a smaller bottle of the cleanser, and I just bring along a moisturizer and a bottle of oil.

  • I’m feeling the same! I tend to break out when I try something new so I’m sticking to what I’ve got for the most part. I’ll experiment when it comes to different lip and eye colors! ;)

  • I really want to try the Embryolisse because everybody talks about it! Never heard of the other products, maybe some secret gems you’ve got there! I’ll keep these in mind for future skin care shopping :D

  • Have you ever used LUSH fresh face masks? They are the perfect all-natural face treats. The oatifix one is my favorite and really, really moisturizes! I love the idea of sweet almond oil; the only oils I’ve tried have broken me out like crazy, but I want to try that one!

  • I really want to get my hands on Embryolisse except I don’t know where I can find it in Sydney!
    Have you tried rosehip oil before? I use it religiously and it does wonders for my skin.


      • Yes you can buy it on its own. He is Australia it is widely available and I you should be able to buy it in pharmacy stores. I apply 2 drops of the oil directly on my cheeks while my face is damp and then I massage it in. I add a moisturiser on top because my face is dry but you could get away with it. I would recommend a light moisturiser though.
        Hope that helped!


  • That Embryolisse cream is a miracle!! I completely agree, lots of hydration and SPF is what we need to be doing at a young age to get results when we’re older!

  • Can’t even describe how perfectly timed this post is – my combo/dry/sensitive skin is going through some of the worst issues right now, and I have definitely been trying too many products I think. Been dying to nail down a simple routine that works! Will have to try some of these now too.

    • Been there! I went through a phase of trying lots of different brands and products and my skin went nuts. I think we always want instant results from a product, so we keep switching things up looking for something that works right away; but then our skin just gets really confused and irritated. It may take a little while to see good results from a simple natural routine, but I think the results last a lot longer than those instant gratification deals.

  • I will definetly check out these products because I have been looking for natural skin care products that will leave my face feeling clean, fresh, & alive instead of clogged…

    • I totally get what you mean by “clogged,” sometimes my skin just feels congested if I’m using too much makeup or not cleansing well. The better my skin gets, the less I feel like I need makeup so there’s less stuff on my face clogging up my pores.

  • I love that you are using natural and/or organic products. I tried to do the switch to all non toxic, all natural products last year and have been able to stick with most except the face wash. I could find nothing for adult acne that works as well as Proactive.
    How do you like the Aubrey products? I have been eyeing them at Whole Foods for a while.


  • Embryolisse is amazing! I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it’s such a great multi-tasker. I always use it on my lips and works even better than lip balm.

    Curious about the sweet almond oil since I see it at my local co-op every week. Think I might give it a go now!

    • This. This forever. The Embryolisse has just been too wonderful. It’s awesome on lips, but it’s awesome all over. I’ve even used it inside my nose when my allergy meds dry me out too much. TMI? Perhaps. But I’ll admit to anything awesome that this stuff does for me. ;)

    • Note to self: slather some Embryolisse on my lips tonight. Thanks for this tip!

      I think you’ll really like the sweet almond oil. It has so many uses: face and body moisturizer, cuticle oil, hair oil (but super sparingly, speaks from experience.) It’s definitely worth a go!