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designlovefest dress your tech free downloads

DESIGNLOVEFEST’s Dress your Tech downloads. Fun and pretty wallpapers for all your devices that are super easy to use and change; like outfits for your iPhone and iPad. Best of all, they’re free!

justina blakeney face the foliage

justina blakeney face the foliage II

Instagrammer @justinablakeney‘s #facethefoliage portraits. Every time one pops up in my ‘gram feed, my heart stops a little. I’d love to try this with the scraps around the flower shop.

kris atomic illustration kris atomic self portrait illustration

Kris Atomic’s blog. Her illustrations make me so happy —  I want to be besties with her little top-knotted, bespectacled self-portrait — and her colorful photography and behind-the-scenes fashion posts  feel like a fantasy.

{ featured image via DESIGNLOVEFEST }

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  1. 6.19.14

    The sunburnt redhead is my favorite!!

  2. 6.17.14

    Loving my new backgrounds! Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. 6.17.14
    Mariana said:

    That is just SO creative! Luv it :)

  4. 6.16.14

    These are so fun!
    -JamieLeigh (

  5. 6.12.14

    Reblogged this on from campus with love and commented:
    Love all of these pictures! Look out for a post from me later today.

  6. 6.12.14

    I have never heard of DesignLoveFest, I just checked it out and what a great little site!

  7. 6.11.14
    Kiera said:

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with Kris Atomic’s illustrations. Must. Have. All.

  8. 6.11.14
    Elizabeth said:

    All of them lovely!

  9. 6.11.14
    rhiannon said:
  10. 6.11.14
    Carolina E. said:

    Good job !

  11. 6.11.14

    Cute!! I love girly illustrations!

  12. 6.11.14

    I think you are very creatively talented. Your site is girly without being mushy. Well done.

  13. 6.11.14

    Omg I love it! X