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  1. Where did you get the tank?

    Posted 6.24.14 Reply
  2. amybareham wrote:

    Isn’t easy, breezy, beautiful summer fashion the greatest?

    Posted 6.23.14 Reply
  3. Basics are absolutely perfect for everyday wearing imho. And blue shoes here spicing all the look. I like))

    Posted 6.21.14 Reply
  4. foleybritt wrote:

    YES! Ah I’m so glad someone else feels this way about the simple black tank top. I have a loose fitting, lightweight, super soft one from Gap from forever ago and it is my go-to summer top. So versatile, you can really do anything with it! And it always looks great.

    Lifestyle and Photography In and Out of Boston

    Posted 6.19.14 Reply
  5. Amanda wrote:

    Basics are always needed- especially in summer. I love using colorful accessories with a neutral clothing canvas!


    Posted 6.19.14 Reply
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    Posted 6.19.14 Reply
  7. I love this top! I am all about simplicity as well this summer =]

    Posted 6.19.14 Reply
  8. diybyamy wrote:

    I love the simplicity of this outfit!

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  9. Kiera wrote:

    The LBT is definitely a staple! I need to get one with a little something extra, like a intricate neckline or gold zipper :)

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  10. Amanda G. wrote:

    Love this look! Can’t go wrong with a perfect fitting tank.

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  11. So classic. Your shoes are amazing- I just bought some almost identical to that in yellow!

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  12. vylavcha wrote:

    I like bag and sandals very much!

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  13. nguyendena wrote:


    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  14. belle2000 wrote:

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    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  15. Very nice look! and the glasses wauwwwwwwww show! xxx

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  16. rhiannon wrote:

    super cute! love those shoes!


    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  17. Love your glasses!

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  18. Cortneybre wrote:

    As much as I love color, I could dress all in black every day…it’s so chic and sophisticated! Love the yellow pop of color too! xx…Cortneybre…

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  19. alexnguyen wrote:

    I totally agree. Summers call for lazy days and basics. But I like how you accessorized in color!
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.com

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  20. sland24 wrote:

    This is too cute! I love those simple pieces!!!

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  21. Amy wrote:

    You look great

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply
  22. starkgirl wrote:

    Sometimes the basics are the best! I have a grey tank that I wear constantly because it seems to go with every situation, so I know just what you’re talking about!

    Posted 6.18.14 Reply