cool tech: L’Oreal Makeup Genius for iOS

L'Oreal Makeup Genius Digital Makeover
{ All I wore on my face today was tinted moisturizer. This is one of about a dozen of my digital makeovers with Makeup Genius. }

You guys, I haven’t gotten any work done for the last hour because I’ve been playing with L’Oreal’s new iOS app, Makeup Genius. It is blowing my mind.

I read about it on Who What Wear this afternoon, then promptly downloaded it {for free} from the app store.

Let’s rewind… 

Does anyone remember the old PC software that let you “try on” hairstyles? You scanned a photo of your face into the program — you know, with a big ol’ digital scanner — and pasted not-so-realistic renderings of every imaginable cut and color onto your head, so you could make an informed decision before heading to your stylist for a hot pink mohawk. Ringing any bells? My mom and I had that software — on CD — and I spent hours giving myself digital makeovers after school on our old home computer. Between chatting with my friends on dial-up Instant Messenger and annihilating Nazis on a floppy disc edition of Wolfenstein.

Now back to this afternoon.

I kind of expected Makeup Genius  to be  a modern-day version of that hairstyle software: take a static #selfie, paint some colors on your face, make a shopping list of L’Oreal products to take to the drugstore, done.

No ma’am.

The app initializes by scanning your face. It then uses the scan to let you “apply” L’Oreal products to your moving face, turning your iPhone into a makeup mirror. You can make lists of your favorite products, try on looks designed by professional L’Oreal artists, and save photos of yourself all “dolled up,” which you can then share to your favorite social networks.

Selfies just got a major upgrade, y’all.

Now go download it! Unless you need to be productive this afternoon. ;-)

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