Get Outta Town

After a handful of postponements over several months, the stars finally aligned for C and I to sneak off to his parents’ vacation home on the coast. It was our first legit getaway in over a year; a Gaylord Palms overnighter with these amazing cocktails was our last out-of-town adventure.

We packed for a fancy weekend: visits to local museums; gourmet meals; late night cocktails at swanky downtown lounges…

When we got there, we opted for daiquiris at a beach bar in our swimsuits, burritos for dinner, pool lounging, and a rousing husband-and-wife shuffleboard tournament (I regret to inform you that victory wasn’t mine). I read a book cover to cover, took several naps, ate way too much frozen custard from the little cafe near the condo, and went to bed before 9pm both nights.

Plan B, you win.

And the Lennoxes are clearly ready for retirement living.

Every time we manage to get out of town, we swear up and down we’re going to make quality time off a priority. I’m all about a good staycation, but sometimes you just need some beach/mountain/forest/spa air in your lungs and a break from your everyday surroundings to really relax. Plus, I always end up doing something worky when I’m supposed to be unwinding at home; see: The Great Closet Purge of Labor Day 2013.

Here’s to working a little less, and running away a little more.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, babe. 

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  1. 7.28.14

    Love your hat! Where is it from?

  2. 7.24.14
    renata877 said:

    love this post! dying for a getaway! just stumbled on your blog – love it. do check out mine as well,

  3. 7.24.14

    How cool are these pics! Look at you guys!
    So nice! Cheers!

  4. 7.24.14

    Oh it sounds and looks like you had a fab time! :-) x

  5. 7.23.14

    I like the bluish colour of the photos. It makes me want to go to the coast!

  6. 7.23.14
    moniqui22 said:

    I wish I was on vacation right now! great pics

  7. 7.23.14

    Hi Keira, I love your style! Sandy beaches and cocktails by the pool? Sounds like a heaven getaway to me! Have fun! :) Lena

  8. 7.23.14

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I couldn’t agree more about physically getting away to relax and unwind! We just did the same this past weekend and it was way overdue. :)

  9. 7.23.14
    rhiannon said:
  10. 7.23.14

    Looks fabulous. The colour of the sky!

  11. 7.23.14

    Beautiful pictures!

  12. 7.22.14

    Such nice pictures :)

  13. 7.22.14

    I love this! My boyfriend and I took a vacation together this summer…he always wants to “do” things, get out and explore, whereas I’m totally content just eating good food and watching movies in bed. I figure, it’s a vacation; you’re supposed to relax! It’s always good to strike a compromise though, because I got to do things that I normally wouldn’t have and he got some much-needed down time. Sounds like you had the best of both worlds on this trip!

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  14. 7.22.14
    Suezanne Westman said:

    Love the color of your watch. Did not see were u got it. Glad u finally got some together time. Cheers to many more.

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. 7.22.14

    Beautiful pictures!

  16. 7.22.14
    Amy said:

    glad you had a great getaway